22 Things I’m Thankful For


I know that a lot of people posted something they were Thankful for every single day.  But I just didn’t have the dedication. Don’t get me wrong I have something to be thankful for every single day but I’m forgetful and the only I knew I’d come up with a list of 22 things I’m Thankful for is to do it all at once.

In no particular order:

1. Mason. That boy challenges me every single day but he is my hero. I don’t know where I would be if it weren’t for him, especially in the months have losing Elena.

2. Elena. I didn’t get to spend much time getting to know her but she has made me get to know myself.  My *knew* self. I will never be the same but I will never regret for one moment that she is my daughter.

3. My parents. They’re busy, SUPER busy but if I need them they’re there in a second and not everyone has that.

4. B. Even when he’s in the middle of driving me absolutely crazy he can always make me laugh.

5.  Baby3. Much like Mason Baby3 is my little super girl. I don’t know what place I would be in right now if I wasn’t carrying her in my belly, if I didn’t have her as a shinning example of hope.

6. 3 Brothers and 3 Sisters. There were times growing up that I wished that I was an only child or that there wasn’t as many of us kids and then my Mom would say to me  “okay. Which one would you get rid of?” and every single time no matter how crazy one of them was driving me I couldn’t come  up with an answer. They help make me, me and I’m so happy that as the years pass we will all have each other and a bond that only siblings can understand.

7.VIABILITY!!!! I’m 24+1 days which means that even if my water was to break right now Baby3 will have a chance. A chance I desperately wish her sister would have had and one I’m so grateful to be giving her.

8. The Loss Community. I’ve met so many amazing women through  losing Elena. There are a few of them where it seems like they were just meant to be in my life and had I not lost Elena I never would have met them. I like to think our little ones are playing together somewhere over the rainbow and they made sure that their Mamas were playing together too.

9. My “Blog Friends”. But really I would just call them my friends. They were the friends who were REALLY there for me after I lost Elena. Constantly checking up on me and it was nice to know they cared. They still talk to me about Elena and see how I’m doing.

10. My Oma. And I really need to make sure I say this to her in case she doesn’t know. She sent me cards and beautiful things to remind me of Elena this whole time. She even remembered her due date and sent me a card and a figurine to remind me of Elena.

11. Sour Punch Straws. I know I know quite the jump but those things are good and Walmart sells a huge pack for 98 cents. And lots of different yummy flavors. I love blue raspberry, Cherry and Apple. And if they have grape which I think they do. I love that one too.

12. Blogging in general. I can pay some bills AND stay home with my son so I don’t miss a thing well except for him spilling water all over the bed. I missed that but to be fair I was folding not blogging.

13.  My March 2013 group. It’s fun to go through pregnancy with another 290 women. At least one of them always gets it!

14. My July 2012 Group. They were so good to me after I lost Elena and they’ve been supporting me throughout this pregnancy as well. They’re all so excited and it feels amazing to have so many people excited about Baby3.

15. My KitchenAid Stand Mixer. It has made my life so much easier when it comes to baking and I know that tomorrow it’s going to make some AMAZING Mashed potatoes!

16. Being able to cook a dinner tomorrow with all the fixings! Only thing missing will be my family which is kinda a big deal but hey I get to eat and I’m not alone.

17My Grandparents. They would do anything for me or my family. I’m so blessed to be able to have them in my life still!

18. My Entire Extended Family. Like me my Dad has 6 siblings. My Mom has 2. and with that comes twice the amount of Aunts/Uncles and countless cousins. We all grew up with each other and I cherish the memories we’ve made and the ones to come!

19. My ability to follow a recipe and sometimes improvise. I didn’t really realize that being able to follow of a recipe or being able to improvise of a meal was a skill but it is. And I’m glad I have it. My ass. Is not.

20. Thifting. I’ve found some GREAT things for me and my babies. My latest pick up was the *perfect* shelf to store all of Baby 3’s clothes and things!

21. Being able to go to a midwife if my health allows it but also having competent OBs for when it doesn’t.

22. My Kids. Okay I said that but seriously I’m BEYOND thankful for them. ALL THREE of them.

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