TechnoGel Pillow Review & Giveaway

I’m obsessed with pillows. I’ve been known to bring my pillows with me wherever I go.

Sleep Overs? Check

Vacation? Check

Long Car Rides? Check

From my bed to the living room? Check.

BlogHer11? Check.

BlogHer12? Major Fail

The entire time I was in NY for BlogHer12 and visiting my parents I left my pillows at home. I realized when I was about an hour away from my house. I considered turning around and getting them. That’s how much I love my pillows.

While we were in the Expo Hall at BlogHer12 and I was desperately missing my beauty sleep by forgetting my pillows we came across the Technogel booth.

It was love at first touch.

I debated smuggling one out but thought that might not be the best idea I’ve ever had 😉

If you’ve been following along with my pregnancy updates at all you know that I’ve been craving sleep, that it’s all I want to do. While I’m sleeping I sleep pretty soundly which I think has a lot to do with all the pillows I have on my bed especially my Technogel Pillow! Technogel has numerous pillows that you can purchase from them as well as mattresses (WANT!)

At the advice of a Technogel representative I chose the Deluxe pillow because it’s meant for mainly side sleepers, which I totally am especially while pregnant.

I love this pillow. It’s not too thick OR too thin and it maintains it’s shape.

As you can see it has a zippered cover on it.

This is the winter cover and helps give a barrier for the cooling effect during the winter months when it’s already cool outside. The cooling effect is great in the summer because the pillow never gets too hot which helps you sleep better.

This pillow has been SO beneficial for me during my pregnancy so far. Sometimes I sleep with it in between my legs to help balance my hips and I love that it doesn’t sink too much but just enough for comfort.  And right this minute I’m using it to help with my back while I work. It provides the perfect amount of support for my aching back!

And the rest of the family likes it too. Especially Mason. He fights me for this pillow some nights and taking pictures of it was almost impossible. He wanted to be all over the pillow the whole time

I told him to close his eyes and pretend he was sleeping and he started his fake snore. Too cute!

Depending on the Technogel Pillow you get the pillows retail for $169-199.

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  1. McKell Anderson says

    I would get the deluxe pillow. Still working on transitioning to all this side sleeping while being pregnant so this would do wonders! Thanks for the great review

  2. says

    between three… deluxe, travel, or neck… most likely between the deluxe or travel… I sleep on my side but I travel a lot and don't always want to bring a large regular pillow with me…

  3. carizza says

    I’d choose the deluxe, because I like to have a good height on my sleeping pillows and I only ever sleep on my side!

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