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Mason is an early riser. He never used to be he was a 9 o’clock baby but sometime around March he decided he no longer wanted to sleep until 9am and he’s usually up between 7 and 8 am. Sometimes even earlier. Try as I might I can not get myself to go to bed any earlier so that I can fully function in the early morning hours.

I would love to make a huge breakfast complete with cheesy eggs, bacon and hash browns but considering I can barely keep my eyes open I try not to operate the stove until I’ve been up for three hours. Not to mention that type of breakfast every morning can’t be good for you and a lot of the times a nice cold bowl of cereal hits the spot more than anything else would.

Growing up we were a cereal house one of the one’s we always had in stock was Kellog’s Frosted Flakes, so yummy but let’s face it SO sweet and I can’t have my little man having something so sweet for breakfast in the morning even if him and I want nothing more than Frosted Flakes. Once in a while it’s a great but every day? Can’t do it!

But that doesn’t mean cereal is off the list now. There are SO many cereals that are better for you. Need some examples? Here ya go 🙂

All of these cereals start simply which helps make them a great start to your family’s day

Want to learn more about Seed to Spoon? Check out the “Start Simple, Start Right” website.


Out of these cereals which ones are your favorite? Do you have a special recipe you do with any of them?

I of course make Rice Krispie treats a little too often! I love that they have a gluten free option! I think I may switch to that when I make Rice Krispie treats from now on to show my love to all my gluten free friends!

Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Kellogg’s. I received sample products to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.
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  1. says

    I loveee making Rice Krispie treats, I craved them my entire pregnancy (it’s the only dessert my mom can pull off, so I grew up with lots of Rice Krispie treats).

    I also like Raisin Brain, I think we have like 3 boxes in our house right now!

  2. says

    Can't go wrong with Corn Flakes! When my hubby was growing up, his family's tradition was taht on your birthday, you got to pick out whatever cereal you wanted (because, liek most kids, they were always asking their mom for the sugary, marshmallowy stuff). Tehy'd ALWAYS pick a sugary ceral, have a bowl, and then the rest of it would sit til it went stale. Non sugary cerals FTW!

  3. Diane Shideler says

    I love corn flakes and rice crispy cereal! Corn Flakes were the only cereal we were allowed to eat growing up and I'll probably do the same thing for my kids too. Although I can add the rest of these into the line-up too now that they are healthier!

  4. says

    I love cereal in the morning. While I was pregnant, I also liked it for lunch and dinner! I use to be all about the sugar but now I love Raisin Bran :o)

  5. Jessica says

    I am beyond excited that they are making a gluten Free version of Rice Crispies! Whenever I make reice -krispie treats I have to search for a gluten-free alternative so this is awesome news for me!

  6. Sara says

    I actually just bought some Raisin Bran tonight! Hubs and I go through lots of {healthy} cereal — him more so than me though.

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