Mason Monday: Favorite Book Edition

Mason and I read *every* night before he goes to bed. It’s suppose to be three books but more often or not it turns into 5-7.  I just can’t say no to him especially when it’s because he wants to read more.

I want to continue this tradition with Baby3 too. I really think my parents reading to me before bedtime is part of the reason why I love to read and I want Mason and Baby3 to love to read as well!

Here are some of Mason’s favorites right now (click the links to see more about the books).

We read this one so often that he knows certain lines in the book if not the entire thing!

Mason reads this book to me! It’s adorable! Sometimes you see him peaking ahead so he knows what to say next, super cute!

Mason’s attention span has finally gotten long enough for this and he loves it, we read it almost every night!

We’ve been reading this book for MONTHS. It’s a Christmas book but Mason loves it all year long!

Not only does Mason love this book but I do as well! It helps with colors and opposites!

Part two coming next week!

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  1. says

    My children’s school hosted the Scholastic Book Fair, so my kids are really obsessing over their new books. My eldest daughter bought a really cute Q&A for Tween Girls, so she’s always asking her friends for their opinions of the subject matter; my oldest son purchased a Pokemon Guide book, and I swear the child is memorizing all the Pokemon creatures evolutionary tales; and my little guy chose two chapter books about a cat. Soon we’ll be reserving Thanksgiving books!

    • Christa says

      I didn’t even realize that Pokemon was still in! That was the cool thing when my brother was little and he’s 19 now!

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