Switching It Up!

In about a week B, Mase, B’s Dad and I are headed to the beach, we’re super excited because I have never been to the beach that we’re going too which completely blew his mind because he vacationed there every summer while growing up, his family used to have a house there and everything.

Doing something different for vacation this year is making me want to go on a lot of different trips and visit places that I’ve never been before! I’m really interested in visiting the mississippi gulf coast.  But that’s not the only place I want to visit I have a whole bucket list of places I would love to go:

  • New Orleans
  • California (again)
  • Arizona
  • New Hampshire
  • Italy (again)
  • Spain
  • Australia

Those are just a few! I think before B and I are dead and gone we’ll absolutely end of in New Orleans at some point. He’s a die hard Saints fan and I know he’s always wanted to go. Personally I want to make it a road trip and stop and visit a ton of places along the way. The trip would go something like this:

Just from the actual route I would love to go to Knoxville and Birmingham. But I’d HAVE to veer off course to head to Nashville and Memphis! I can’t believe I didn’t think to add those to my list from before!

Thanks to blogging and a bunch of FB Mom groups that I’m in I have a friend in what seems like every state so I’m sure I’ll find other places to stop off on our dream road trip! One of these friends INSISTS that Mississippi attractions are best I guess I’ll have to take her word on it for now but I can’t wait to see if she’s right!

Sometimes I feel like there isn’t enough time for all the places we want to see!

  What are some places that you would LOVE to visit?


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