Baby Names on the Brain

When I was pregnant with Mason we went through a million different names. I don’t know if it’s because he’s from Virginia and I’m from NY but we just didn’t like the same names. It was ridiculous.

At one point he mentioned that he liked the name Mason and I was like eh. It’s okay.

But as the weeks went on that was the one we kept coming back to.

And then it happened. Ms. Kourtney Kardasian gave birth to a little boy and named him Mason.

I about how a heart attack. I went into a rage I was yelling at B I was so ANGRY that this B stole my baby name! SHE STOLE IT. And yes I’m well aware of how irrational this is.

And that’s when it hit me. We may not have solidified it but Mason was the name of our son.

But even then we didn’t tell anyone that that was his name. I didn’t tell my family that we had decided on something. I didn’t want anyone hearing my child’s name and tearing it apart. I had no desire for that to happen.

I felt the same way when I was pregnant with Elena. Not only were we Team Green but I was also going to keep our choices to ourselves until D-Day. And we did. Heck I don’t even think I had mentioned the name to B before we had her. I was so in love with the name and I knew the later I brought it up the more likely he was to agree too it. And well it worked.

But I know not everyone is like that, on The Bump there is a whole board devoted to baby names and asking people’s opinions and there is website called Belly Ballot that allows you to create a list and share it with Facebook so people can vote.

If that’s your style than I think that’s awesome but for me personally I think we’re going to hide the name again. We want SOMETHING to be a surprise. But only time will tell.

I will tell you that I have a couple of contenders high on my list. I’ve loved the name Lincoln since I was pregnant with Mason but B absolutely refuses and it’s driving me insane because when I think of our little family I think of Mason, Elena and Lincoln.

And then I wonder, well what if this baby isn’t a boy?! What if it’s a girl? I mean Mother’s intuition has been known to be incorrect although I have yet to be proven wrong!

I really love Scarlett but it’s another name that B has shot down and even if he didn’t I’m not sure if it’s a name that I could name *my* daughter even though I think it’s beautiful. What do you think? Mason, Elena, and Scarlett. Does it go? Does it go as well as Mason, Elena and Lincoln?

And then of course I feel like Charlotte is still in the running a little bit. But a part of me thinks NO that’s Mason’s name girl name. Does that even make sense!?

I’m glad that, God Willing of course, I still have 28 weeks to figure out this baby’s name!

What do you think of these names? Have any ideas for me or baby name book suggestions?

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  1. Kathy says

    It was very difficult to pick out our children’s names. This last time we kept it a secret until she was born. I love her name…Caroline!

  2. says

    My kids’ names were mostly very last minute, almost on the way to the hospital, yeah fine let’s just pick something kind of names. Except for my 1st, I was very much set on his name from the start.

  3. says

    Lincoln is a cool name. I really like that! I’ve picked my son’s name – Beck – and the dad hates it. I’m pretty attached to it though. AAAAAND I’m petty sure he’ll be named Beck.

  4. says

    My husband and I could never agree on names, we ended up with names neither of us loved, because all the ones one of us loved the other one hated! I like Charlotte personally though!

  5. says

    I have baby names on the brain for sure- my fiancee & I have been talking about having another baby & so I’ve been daydreaming of names. I haven’t been this obsessed with names since I used to doodle my fiancee’s name in my spiral notebooks with hearts all around it! 😛

  6. says

    We have Lincolns in our family, and it’s a great name! But girls’ names are so hard. We’re struggling too. Only 4 weeks or so left, and I’ve got nothing! The one name I love, everyone hates. Not sure what we’re going to do! I do think Scarlett is really pretty, but it’s getting pretty common. Oh, what a bother to try to be creative and not silly at the same time!

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