15 Weeks (and 14 Too)

Vacation really through me for a loop so here’s a mini 14 Week Update and then I’ll move onto 15 Weeks. The Questions/Answers would have been similar anyway so I’m combing the last two weeks 🙂

At week 14, your baby is 3.4 inches and 1.5 ounces, he’s almost doubled in weight since last week and keeps on growing. He’s probably sucking his thumb and wiggling his toes in there! His kidneys are making urine, and his liver and spleen are doing their jobs, too.  He’s growing lanugo, a thin, peach-fuzz-like hair, all over his body — it will help him keep warm!

We celebrated 14 Weeks at the beach and had a great time, Mason adored the beach and I can’t wait until next year when Mason and this baby are there to play with each other and enjoy the ocean!

The average fetus at 15 weeks weighs 2.5 ounces and measures 4 inches — and his proportions are becoming even more normal, since his legs now out measure his arms. You probably can’t feel it yet, but she’s squirming a ton! She might even be hiccuping in there. She’s making lots of progress: her joints and limbs can all move now.


How Far Along: 15 Weeks

Due Date: March 13th, 2013

Boy or girl: I had a scan yesterday but baby REFUSED to show it’s bits. I was kinda disappointed. 

Currently craving: Italian Pasta Salad and sour patch kids!

Currently Avoiding: Apparently pork. We had it yesterday and I ate it, but I didn’t want it!

Weight: 162 at my doctor’s appointment!

Belly button status: IN!

Sleep grade: Feeling more energized but still tired having a toddler and being pregnant is no joke!

Recent Crazy Dream:  I feel like I had one but I can’t remember. oooh now I remember I had a dream that two of my friends died. One in particular had a small child and I went through the whole sequence finding out, rushing to her side, helping her around the house helping take care of the baby. It was awful. The weirdest part? I could see both of them at all times. B could see them too but only sometimes. So odd. 

Evidence of pregnancy brain: I always forget my examples :/

Symptoms?: I’ve been getting a little more m/s this week. It was gone and then it came back. Heartburn has also been in full effect.

Health: I had a cervical scan yesterday and my cervix measured at 4.2 AKA fantastic! I couldn’t be happier but I know I still have a long 10 weeks ahead of me (after 24 weeks baby puts less pressure on your cervix.

Emotionally: I feel weird. With my last pregnancy I didn’t know it but I only had three weeks left with my baby and with being pregnant. I can’t help but be scared that all I have left is three weeks before the rug gets pulled out from under me…again. I’m trying to make the most of it. Making purchases, being happy, cherishing every moment but I won’t lie. It is hard. Everything about being pregnant after a loss is hard.

Movement: I’m pretty sure I’m feeling this baby at least once a week. This is around when I *really* started feeling Elena too! When I listen to this baby on my doppler she/he always moves away from it too! That’s how I know I’ve got the right heartbeat, that and the horse galloping sound 🙂 

Names: B and I are so screwed. We got nada.

Any appointments?: I had one yesterday, so far all is looking well! I’m going to be starting p17 shots soon and on the 26th I have an appointment with my MFM for another cervical scan and hopefully a gender reveal!

Any baby related purchases?: I bought a couple of AppleCheeks cloth diapers and newborn sleepers!

Best thing to happen in the past week/ Worst: Best thing was seeing the little and getting a great cervical announcement. Worst thing happened while we were on vacation I had some weird discharge and it totally freaked me out, I thought for sure my cervix was opening 🙁

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    I’m anxious to try out AppleCheeks – I’ve heard such great things about it but never tried them since we didn’t cloth full-time. I definitely wanna give them a try when this baby arrives :).

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