Which Tech Item is on your Must Have List?

I’ve always thought that I was tech savvy and I’ve always been good with figuring out new technology or how to do things on my own when it comes to anything tech related. I usually don’t need the instruction manual to figure out how to connect let’s say my camera to my computer to get my pictures off of it. And I’m absolutely the type of girl who thinks connecting the HDMI cable to the DVR box is easy peasy. Unlike my college roommate who he needed help figuring out how to connect the red, white and yellow cables from her TV to her DVD player. I don’t think I’m special though. I know that a large part of me being able to do things technology related is because technology has become so intuitive especially for those who have grown up with it.

Going to BlogHer made me realize that apparently I’m not as tech savvy as I thought. Not in being able to do things but the technology that I have in my home.  I have a smart phone but that’s about it, nothing else in my own is above average technology wise.

Here are some of the things that I saw at BlogHer that I can’t wait to have in my home one day.

An iPad3 mainly so that I don’t feel left out anymore, the only Apple thing I own is an iPOD I barely use anymore.

I do have an HP TouchPad though, which I love so I can’t really complain to much.


It’s perfect for reading and browsing the internet!

Another thing I don’t have but would LOVE to have? A fancy Washer and Dryer, Samsung had an entire section devoted to what they had to offer and the washer/dryer set they should was awesome! It’s wifi connected!

Why does your washer/dryer need to have wifi connection? So you can start your washer or dryer from your phone of course!

Another thing I saw that I loved was the Mophie.

You charge the Mophie and then the Mophie can charge your phone on the go!


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    I have a Mophie and love it! I cannot wait for the new iPhone because I have the super old-school iPhone 3 and it’s starting to fall apart. Oh and those Samsung appliances were to die for – remember the refrigerator with twitter?!?! Haha.

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