These are a Few of My Favorite Bloggers

BlogHer is one of my favorite times of years, it’s the only place where I get to see the people that I interact with online as well as the one I admire from afar <---that sounds kinda creepy, I promise it's not creepy LOL.

A very special few I interact with on a daily basis. I LOVE seeing them. It seriously makes BlogHer about a million times better. I couldn’t imagine going to BlogHer without them. One of those people:

Emily from Baby Dickey

That’s us at the Hot Wheels Suite. We were so very much unprepared for that last photo LOL. You can’t see her but little Rebecca is also with us! We tried putting those huge glasses on her but backwards but the camera was so high she wasn’t even in it.

I started following Emily while she was having a TwitterBirth with Ryan. She was the reason I questioned my doctors when they wanted to give me a c-section. She helped me learn how to do reviews/giveaways and have a better blog in general. We’ve been there for each other through the good and bad of motherhood. She was there for me every step of the way when I lost Elena (and still is) even though she had a newborn to attend to herself. I honestly don’t know what I would do without her. If you don’t follow herblog or Facebook page, you should, she’s one of sweetest girls you’ll ever meet and you won’t regret it for a moment!

Keeping it to bloggers I got to meet/see again at BlogHer another Blogger I love to follow who is BEYOND inspirational is Kristine from Cora’s Story.

That’s Kristine at BlogHer after she was presented the very first ever Achievement Award for all the good she has done through Social Media in the names of Moms, Babies and her daughter Cora. Kristine lost her beautiful daughter Cora to a Congenital Heart Defect when she was 5 days old, pretty much since day one she has used her skills as a writer and communicator to help make pulse ox tests mandatory in every state. When Elena died she was one of the first people who reached out to me, she initiated sending flowers along with Emily and Becca. She sent me cards and messages reminding me that not only am I not forgotten but neither is Elena. She never treated my pain at losing Elena as less than hers and for that I can never be more grateful. And before I completely start losing it let me move on to the next blogger.

Becca, from Mama B:

Becca is another blogger that I have known almost since I started blogging. We originally met via Twitter, I had already started my blog but Becca had just started hers, she was amazingly successful and I completely look up to her for how quickly she got herself established and how well she does now!

When I met her we connected over our sons who were only 10 days apart from each other! Lucas also has the same birthday as my brother and Dad so I immediately felt a weird connection.

We found out we were pregnant again together in October/November, both due with July babies. We were both so excited and became even closer during that time of our lives. Of course she went on to have Sophia (cute baby pictured above) and I lost Elena in late February. Becca could have done what a lot of other friends who were pregnant around the same time did, stop talking to me. But she didn’t. She respected how upsetting certain things could be for me and she worked hard to make sure that I was doing as well as I could.

The whole time at BlogHer both her and Emily kept making sure I was okay, they knew the anxiety I had about seeing so many pregnant women and babies and they made sure that I was okay every moment which I really appreciated, it would not have been the same without either of them.

Another blogger I got met for the very first time despite having known the longest was Jayme from The Tater Twins.

We drove to BlogHer together, she’s originally from upstate NY about an hour north of my parents house so she met me at my Mom’s and my Mom drove us in. We spent all of Wednesday together hanging out and walking/eating our way through NYC.

If you can’t tell from that picture above she’s expecting her 8th aka #13. I first met Jayme through the Multiple network (no I don’t have twins but somehow I found my way there and then to Jayme’s Blog). She had just had her twins I followed her as she realized one of her twins had eye cancer. I followed her story as I realized that she was a loss Mom. Three short years later I would join that club as well and she was a HUGE support to me, besides Kristine she was the only one who really got it and even more so since my loss and three of hers were in the 2nd trimester. I would call her and she would listen to me cry and ask her questions that only a fellow loss mom could even begin to answer. She is yet another person I met through blogging who I couldn’t have lived without these last couple of months.

Thank Goodness for blogging and blogging friends. Blogging/My life would not be the same without them.

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Now, I’m curious. What do you love most about blogs and blogging?

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