Testing the Old Wives Tales: Baking Soda Test

Okay, so I first heard about this test with Elena.

It’s quite simple you mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda with your first morning urine. If it fizzes or foams it’s a boy. If it does nothing, or bubbles only a little it’s a girl.

With Elena it would only bubble a tiny bit. So I took it as the Baking Soda test predicted girl.

With this baby I tried pretty early. As soon as I mixed the two it foamed it looked like head on a beer. I wish I would have taken a video because it was quite obvious that it had predicted I was having another boy.

I recently did it again (twice) hoping to catch the foam like I did the first time and absolutely NOTHING happened which would indicate a girl. BUT neither one was first morning urine.

Then I tried again with 1st morning urine and I got:

To me this would indicate a boy, which is the same result I got from FMU in the beginning of the pregnancy.


Was it right?: TBA

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    Whoa, I’d never heard that one before. Sounds like a whole bunch of bull if you ask me. A lot of Old Wives Tales are based in fact or at least seem plausible but not this one!

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