Seriously Summer?

Where did you go? Is it already Mid-August? How did we get to this point?

I feel like for the most part I wished away this summer for tons of different reasons and now that it’s almost over I’m regretting that. I’m looking forward to the fall for many reasons but I know I’m going to miss the summer too. I made a Summer Bucket List ages ago and for numerous reasons I never quite finished everything on the list, things just got crazy and the summer was harder (and hotter) than I thought it would be BUT since there is still over a month left until Summer is officially over (September 20th) I figured I’d share the list to hold myself accountable for the things on it!


1. Go to the Beach (Going Early September)
2. Go {insert fruit} Picking  (Going when I get back to VA)
3. Head to the Zoo
4. Go Camping
5. Have (another) Water Gun Fight
6. Sell one (or more) of my Chalkboard Frames
7. Make Mason Jar to go Cups
8. Sew Something.
9. Visit the fire station
7. Visit an Aquarium
8. Visit NY to see the Family

Eight seems like a pretty measly list but some of these things can be a little expensive! We don’t have a Zoo or an Aquarium near us so it means we have to travel add that to the cost of getting into the attractions! It can be quite a lot. Of course there are always ways that you can save so I was checking out Smart Save to see if there were any discounts on fun places to visit around where I live or where my parents live (NY). I found discount tickets for jungle island BUT it’s in Miami so I *think* I’m going to have to find a place closer to home if I really want to save money LOL.

Do you have a lot of attractions to visit near your home? What’s left on your summer bucket list?

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  1. says

    I should’ve created a summer bucket list. I’ll have to remember that for next summer. There’s so much I still wanna do, but something always comes up!

  2. Tamara says

    I love your list! Even though it’s still going to be hot here for seemingly forever I feel like summer is over already. School starts for Hanna in 2 weeks and I’m SO not ready.

  3. Jess says

    I love your list! We’ve actually done about half the things on it <3! We had another water gun fight today lol the kids just love them! School starts on Tuesday and like Tamara I am so not ready!

  4. says

    Summer is not long enough to fit my whole bucket list in it. I need 9 months of summer and 3 of winter. Here in Minnesota.. there is never enough nice weather.

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