Secrets, Secrets…

Are no fun unless you share with everyone….

A couple of weeks ago I took one of these and then to be sure one of these and I’m pretty sure it’s accurate.

Baby #3, Due March 13th, 2013

Here’s baby not too long ago at 9w6ds

I’m now 10+3, my next appointment is my NT Scan with my MFM where we will discuss in detail the next steps to make sure that this baby is our take home baby. I know Elena is watching over her new little brother or sister and I’m confidant the right steps will be taken to make sure this baby makes it’s arrival in March!

Lots, LOTS more to come!

Check Me Out.
Dirty Carpets: Not Anymore


  1. Kristin (atyourcervix78) says

    Yay, love!!! Soooooooo excited for you!!!! *hugs* Congrats to you all!! Praying for a healthy pregnancy and baby for you.

  2. Julie Ghrist says

    Congratulations! This brings tears to my eyes 🙂 I have been following you for a little while now and I am just so very happy for you and your family! How very exciting 🙂 I am not far ahead of you, due feb. 22 It will be fun to follow along!

    • Christa says

      I know I’m so excited to show him/her off come BlogHer13!

      And the birthday thing, that’s crazy weird how connected we are with birthdays!

  3. .:karen:. says

    Yay! So excited for you! I was on vacation when you posted this and came in on one of your recent posts. Surprised me! Good luck and stay as rested as you can!

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