*My* Favorite Swag from BlogHer12

I started doing this post last year when I shared all my favorite swag from BlogHer11 it was one of my favorite posts to do! I love seeing my “haul” and before anyone asks or wonders, NO swag isn’t the only reason why I go to BlogHer but it sure is a nice perk especially considering how much money it takes to get there!

Okay First up the Sugar Sweet Baby Wrap that I won from The First Annual Blogger Baby Shower for a Cause, hosted by Kristine and Emily. Ironically enough it’s the exact pattern I would have picked if I ordered one myself!

I also LOVE the Crappy Birthday Game that I got from the Big Toy Book Party aka Sweet Suite. My siblings and I played it a couple of times and we really like it, it’s fun trying to figure out what would we be the WORST birthday present for each player!

 I also got a lot of great stuff from the Iconix Swag Suite!

Waverly Cleaning Gloves

Sharper Image Kitchen Scale

Sharper Image iPhone Charger

Grey Rosette Earrings from the BanShe party

Magic Tap–Mom Select

 AppleCheeks Diaper in Purple Rain and Mug from their rep Beth at Me As a Mommy

Dream Belly Butter, Preggie Pops and NursingBlend Vitamins from the Fertility Meet and Greet hosted by Jayme and Jen

And my new Rivet & Sway Street Smart Glasses that I haven’t taken off since I got them (more info coming soon!)

Another HUGE thanks to Save Babies Through Screening for sending me to BlogHer, it was amazing talking to other Moms about everything that Save Babies does. Way more to come about Save Babies in my next post about BlogHer and in other posts to come!

Dirty Carpets: Not Anymore
Nutella Stuffed Muffins Featuring Nectresse


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        Well I didn’t get one! lol. Maybe they varied the swag from bag to bag. I did love my tiara and I picked up a copy of Tracy Beckerman’s book which looks funny.

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