Must Have: JoTotes Camera Bag

If you know me IRL you know that every single bag I own is a large bag. You’d never catch me with a clutch. It’s not that I don’t like them, I do but how in the heck am I suppose to fit my kitchen sink in a clutch?

I kid. I kid. I don’t bring my kitchen sink with me but I do carry everything else. My friend’s Mom used to joke with me that I would win every time on that game show Let’s Make a Deal.

One thing you may even find in my purse? My DSLR. And I admit. Completely unprotected.

I know. The horror.

After doing it once or twice I realized what a BAD BAD idea that was so I quickly looked into camera bags that were versatile, affordable, big and OF COURSE. Pretty.

JoTotes was the answer to all those needs.

These are four of the different styles they have that are my favorite. They’re available in different colors too.

I ended up going with the Rose bag in Marigold:

But these colors were a close second:

I love all the bright colors that the Rose bag can come in but I also really love that it can carry more than just my camera if I need it too. Check out what’s in it today:

What you can’t see in this picture is the pocket on the outside. There is also a larger open pocket next to the business cards where I keep my cell phone and a zippered pocket across from it where I keep a couple of pens, basic make up (mascara, lip gloss and powder) and and extra charger. My remote control for the camera is also in the bas as well as my camera charger. With a smaller more compact wallet I will easily be able to fit my new lens once it comes.

I love grabbing this and heading to the park with Mason, I have everything he needs and everything I need which includes my camera and I know that my camera is safe and protected. When it’s in my bag at least 🙂

If you’re looking for an affordable camera bag that’s durable and provides protection and plenty of room for your Mom stuff this is the company you need.

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  1. Jess says

    So pretty!!! I want one but how much padding does it have? I have a pretty expensive bag but the padding is not so great IMO so now I’m looking for a better padded camera bag.

  2. says

    I have the exact same bag in the same color! I get compliments all the time and use it for traveling a lot! I love that I can carry it on the plane with my camera, laptop, wallet and a few other things! Great review!

  3. Ashley - Embracing Beauty says

    I have been wishing there was something out there like this but I didn’t know there already was. Thank you, thank you!!! I’ll probably be buying one today!

  4. Kellie Conklin says

    There are some great designs! Thanks for the review. I have been looking into getting a pretty purse that will protect my DSLR and love seeing actual pictures of what it holds and how it looks! I’m glad you can fit so much in the bag in addition to your camera!

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