Mason Monday

The weeks are going by so quickly I can’t believe that in two days I’m going to be 12 weeks pregnant with baby #3! Mason still has no clue what’s going on, he doesn’t really understand that there is a baby in my belly which is no surprise considering the last time I told him there was a baby in my belly nothing came of it. At least not for him. He knows who Elena is but I don’t think he makes the connection that she was the baby in my belly before this baby.

But when he sees the sonogram picture he says BABY! Now I just need to convince him that the baby is in my belly. Mainly because he still uses me as a jungle gym. If this was a normal pregnancy I wouldn’t worry about it at all but I can’t help but get nervous now.

Mason is all boy though I’m not sure he’s going to get that there is a baby in there and he has to be careful until I’m much bigger and/or the baby is here.

This is what I mean when I say Mason is all boy:

Mason is such a Mama’s boy. He’s constantly on top of me and he always wants me to do.



He doesn’t let B do anything like that for him. Sometimes it’s annoying other times it’s endearing. I look forward to and dread the day that it becomes “NOOO DADDY DO IT!”

We went to the fair last week, he was not too keen on touching the animals he would try and then as soon as he touched them he would pull his hand back, probably because they would turn their heads to look at him. He wasn’t a happy camper when the goat tried to eat his stroller either

I’ve been trying to get more pictures with Mason and I together even if they are silly like this:

At some point in the night Mason always ends up out of his crib and in the bed. He takes up the entire bed. It’s a little ridiculous that something so small can take up so much room. There is not going to be enough room for all of us soon!

Here’s another Mommy and Me picture

Yesterday Mason wanted to take a picture with B and I, it became and instant classic and is now my FB profile picture:

And that wraps up Mason Monday. You’re welcome for your daily dose of cuteness. Mason. Not me.

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    He’s a cutie! We bought a king size bed after baby #3, and even with one child in the bed, we still have no room! I don’t know how they take up so much space.

  2. says

    OMG I watched those videos like 3 times. And then Ryan wanted to watch them over and over. I am cracking up – what a goof!! Watch, now Ryan is going to go jump down a slide lol. M is such a cutie, you can tell he loves his mama!! I so wish him and Ryan could meet right now!

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