Mason Monday

I haven’t done one of these in a while, so it’s about time! Here are some pictures and updates of Mason in the last 2+ weeks!

Before Mason and I left for NY we got Mason a haircut, this was the before:

And this was the after:

Doesn’t he look handsome?!

Mason had SO much fun in NY with family, especially while I was at BlogHer! This was one of the first pictures I got from my sister of him. He reminds me so much of his father here!

He loved hanging out withย  Andrew, my first cousin, his second, Uncle Luke and Aunt Ava!

I LOVE Mason in this picture!

While we were at Target he decided that he needed to take a little break

Every time I put Mason to bed at my parents he was so upset, he wanted to stay up and play as long as possible!

Right before we left my grandma gave me some size 3 diapers for the latest bean. Mason wanted to show them off

He’s also been having a good time since he got back, I know he loved visiting my parents but I also know he missed his home and his Dad and Cash too

He did the cutest thing while at my parents.

Mason: I want to go home.

Me: Why?

Mason: I miss Daddy and Cash

Me: What would you say to Daddy and Cash if you were on the phone with them right now?

Mason: ::Huge Pause:: WOOF WOOF

How funny is that?!

I was cleaning out the back of my car and found the mask to this old costume and I put it on Mason again since he loves monsters:

Mason loves this baby more than he even realizes because every time I have a craving, he usually gets it too and he LOVES frozen yogurt!

I can’t believe how big Mason is getting! I think he’s going to make a great big brother (again)!

Oh which reminds me the other day we were laying in bed and he looked up at the ceiling and he said

“What’s Elena’s eyes doing here?”

I asked him what he meant and he didn’t answer and started talking about something else but I can’t help that think maybe he caught a glance of her, I’m so jealous.

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  1. Kelley Johnsen says

    Mason is SUCH a cutie! I love the monster hat, I need to get one of those! Thank you for sharing your little gift!

  2. says

    omg I LOVE his haircut!!! We recently did that with Ryan… it was so long, just like Mason’s, and we cut it all off, just like Mason’s, lol. They look like such big boys now, it’s crazy! So handsome. I love the woof woof and seriously what a lucky little boy to see Elena. He’s very special!

  3. says

    He is adorable! I love his haircut and his eyes are gorgeous. I totally believe he caught a glimpse of Elena. I’ve been keeping you and your bun in the oven in my prayers every night.

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