Let’s Talk About Sex

The sex of baby #3 to be exact.

I was Team Green with Elena. I wanted so badly to find out at delivery what she was. And I did. Not the way I had expected to of course but it was still an amazing moment. To know that I had a daughter. It makes me sad to think of how awesome it would have been in July. The look on my face when I delivered her. The look on B’s face. It just would have been everything I hoped for and more.

With this baby though, I can’t wait until delivery. While I feel confidant with this pregnancy now I can’t help but be scared as well. When my water broke with Elena we went into the emergency room and we got a sonogram and one of the first things I asked was if the tech could tell if the baby was a boy or a girl. She couldn’t her legs were closed and there was not enough fluid for her to move around. I know that something could go wrong this pregnancy too, I’m no longer naive. I know longer think “it couldn’t happen to me”. It can. It did.

So just in case, I NEED to know the sex of this baby and the sooner the better IMO. Just like with my previous pregnancy the first thing I did was check out the chinese gender chart. I visited a couple of websites.

CountdowntoPregnancy says:

The Bump Says:

This one that I can’t remember says girl if I use the Lunar Age and Month which is technically what you’re suppose to do:

Baby Center also says GIRL:

So that’s two for boy and two for girl.

From the second I POAS I thought boy, just like I did with Elena. Don’t believe me ask Demanda. I told her “It’s a boy”.

Oh I just remembered I did the Baking Soda Test and it totally foamed which equals a BOY. With Elena it didn’t foam much at all. just bubbled a little bit.

There are ton more of Old Wives Tales and Tests that I can do. And I plan on doing them in the next week. I’ll do the baking soda one again too. And the cabbage test. And IntelliGender. It was wrong with Elena but I’m hoping it will be right with this baby! Look for that review and giveaway soon.

So when will I know for sure what I’m having? I’m hoping by my 16 week appointment. I’m going to ask them to guess at my NT scan which is on the 4th but it will only be a guess so it’s not like I’ll be painting the nursery or anything like that.

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  1. says

    Im a total freak when it comes to finding out my baby’s sex! I go as far as paying to find out early! Then I sit and question whether they were right or wrong and ask at every appt after that lol. I have high risk pgs so I usually get an u/s at every visit.

    I also do all the midwife tests and they are never right haha here’s my post on the intelligencer for Dot http://mysillymonkeys.com/2009/08/intelligender-results/

    I, personally, cannot wait for you to find out what this little one is! I’m so excited for you!

  2. says

    The charts were right for me every time! I have had 3 girls and 2 boys. I only ever used the 2nd one you are showing so I can’t say if that’s why or if I was just lucky. So happy for you!!

  3. says

    I’ll be praying for you and the baby…

    I was supposed to have a girl based on all the carts… but everything was wrong – Im having a boy!

    • Christa says

      I’m in the process of doing more old wives tales/gender prediction tests. I’m curious to see which ones end up being right!

  4. Kathy says

    Everything said boy and even the ultrasound, and then by my second ultrasound they told me girl! I have a beautiful baby girl sleeping next to me right now!

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