Dirty Carpets: Not Anymore

Having a toddler and a dog is like the trifecta for dirtiness except there isn’t three of them, not yet anyway 😉 We vacuum at least weekly but more likely every two days. But even then when we walk along our carpet right after it’s been vacuumed our socks get dirty. I knew we needed a deep clean.

Enter the Hoover Max Extract 60

Isn’t she pretty? I will admit she’s BIG but she’s also really easy to navigate, much easier than bulkier carpet cleaners I’ve used before. We have two carpets. Our main one which is a typical “rental” carpet and then a top one. It’s ugly. B nor I picked it out. When his Aunt passed we got it and we figured with a dog and a baby on the way it wouldn’t hurt to have an extra layer of protection.

The part where the carpet was covering is pretty much pristine. The part where it’s not covering the carpet? Not so much, check it out:

See the difference? YUCK!

As I write this post my carpet is still drying so I can’t show you the before and after just yet but I can show you the dirty water I emptied out:

Disgusting right!? See all the glitter on the bottom? I thought I had gotten all of it with my regular vacuum but NOPE the Max Extract 60 picked up even more!

Overall, I really loved this machine, it worked way better than I would have expected an affordable carpet cleaner to work. It was really easy to push and navigate in my opinion especially when you consider that it’s a carpet cleaner! The trigger was sensitive to the touch which I liked because it I didn’t have to push it down really hard which meant no finger cramps.

I’m excited to use it again, in another 6 months 😉

Disclosure: I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review, but my opinions are entirely my own.
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    We deep clean our carpets every 6 months, maybe even less than that. My husband is a clean freak and can’t stand seeing the stains the girls make. Unfortunately, we don’t have our own deep cleaning vacuum so we borrow my BIL’s.

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