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If you know me IRL you know that for the last year I’ve been wearing glasses that have ONE arm on them. Seriously one arm.

Over a year ago Mason took my glass grabbed each arm and pulled in opposite directions. Miraculously they didn’t break right away but within a month one arm completely fell off. At the time I was wearing mainly contacts and I didn’t really feel the need to get a new pair but as time went on I was desperately missing wearing my glasses to the point were sometimes if my hair was down I would wear my glasses out with the arm missing. I would make B  be on “arm” alert if I tucked my hair back and it was showing that I only had one arm on my glasses he would tell me so I didn’t feel AND look like a loser.

One time I was at Walmart,  B wasn’t with me and I tucked my hair back and the cashier said “OMG Do you know the arm on your glasses is missing? We sell glasses for like a dollar near jewelry.”  Um, yea these are prescription glasses and way more expensive than your dollar frames near jewelry lol.

I digress. Right before BlogHer I tried Rivet & Sway glasses, they a brand new online glasses company. And before you groan, I know exactly what you’re thinking “But you can’t try them on”


That’s what so awesome about Rivet and Sway. They send you three frames that you get to pick out yourself FOR FREE. You try those frames on and then decide which ones you like the best. Then you send the frames back and place the order for the frames you want. They make it so ridiculously easy!

I had three frames sent to my house:

I tried them on and had a vote off on Facebook and Instagram. Luckily everyone felt the same way I did. Glasses number 2, Street Smart.

I pretty much take them off to sleep and that’s about it! It’s been so long since I’ve had glasses that fit me and I absolutely adore them. I know exactly where I’m going the next time I need a new pair of glasses, Rivet & Sway. Maybe I’ll even get something funky this time like “The Punchline”

Want to try Rivet & Sway for yourself? Obviously the try on pairs are free (free shipping too) But once you decided to order use:


For a 20% discount until 8/26

Can’t wait to see you in your Rivet & Sway Glasses, all the cool people are wearing them 😉

Disclosure: I received a pair of Rivet & Sway Glasses to help facilitate my review and document my experience. All opinions are 100% my own.
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  1. says

    I love that they actually send you all the frames to try out. I personally hate going to the eye doctor and having them try to upsell me on frames. I’m also hesitant to buy online because I can’t try them on first, but this is an awesome solution. I still need to get my eye exam done for the year, but I will definitely keep Rivet and Sway in mind.

  2. says

    It’s like Zappo’s for glasses! Brilliant! I was just telling the hubs last night that I think my prescription might have already changed again (I haven’t even had these for a year!) … or I need to wear them for more than just computer work. Not sure which. But I’ll keep this in mind when I DO need new ones 🙂

    • Christa says

      Mine hasn’t changed in a while but I know it will. I def would check out Rivet and Sway! LOVE that you can try them on at home!

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