Bathroom Revamp?

I can not WAIT to get my Kitchen Makeover. It’s going to be amazing getting brand new appliances. It should be happening within the month ahhhh.

Whew. See. I told you I was excited.

Our kitchen has been painted within the last couple of years and our floors were just redone last year so I feel like once we get the new appliances our kitchen is going to have a fresh new look to it. Unfortunately the rest of the house doesn’t quite look the same. None of the rooms in our house are put together a lot of it has to do with the fact that B and I can never agree on how we should decorate, because of that most of our walls are bare.

With our kitchen getting done soon and a new baby on the way I really feel like we should start putting together the rest of the house! The first rooms I think I’m going to tackle are the bathrooms since they’re smaller and easier to mange by one person.

This is our small downstairs bathroom:

It seems like the only theme going on here is “blue” which I guess is better than a poor attempt at a beach theme bathroom.

I honestly don’t think that I want to have a themed bathroom. I just want something nice and simple that will grow with us as our life changes. I don’t want to look back in five years and wonder what I was thinking! That’s one of the reason why even though I would love stone sinks I would never get one. Not to mention could you imagine the kids trying to wash their hands in it? They’re short enough as it is without the sink being high too.

I think as of right now I’m going to keep all the hardware the same. The main thing I want to do is change the wall color, change the towel holder and get a new bathroom mat.

Picking a color for the wall is the hardest part. I want to go with something very light and neutral maybe a sand color or a sage? These are some of the ones that caught my eye:

I really like the Gray Timber Wolf but Mason’s room is Grey so I’m thinking we should stay away from it? I also really like the Swiss coffee and think that’s the one I’d end up going with. I also think it works best with our kitchen (the downstairs bathroom is in the kitchen).

I like the Spring Hill for the upstairs bathroom. It’s twice the size of our downstairs bathroom so I really think it can hold the color.

Which color would you go with?

Do you prefer neutrals or colors that pop?

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