Would You Let Your Son Do This?

Yesterday B showed me this video that he saw posted on a friend’s FB wall. It’s called “Booty Pop” I watched it in complete disgust.

Why is this okay? This boy is 6 years old and he has woman shaking their butts in his face. Not to mention the lyrics of the song.  My first thought was what is wrong with these girls? Why would they do that? Aren’t they grossed out with themselves?

And then my second thought was HOLY HELL, What were the parents thinking? Why did they think this was okay? Did potential $money$ cloud their judgement? Does this poor child not have parents? Because surely no parent would think this was okay right?

Maybe I’m over reacting though, what do you think? Would you let your son make a video like this? What about if the situations were reversed? Would you let your daughter be in a video with much older men shaking their butts in her face?

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  1. says

    Thankfully before now I haven’t seen this video. I find this to be extremely inappropriate. Obviously to each their own, but I would never allow my child to participate in something like this. What ever happened to Sesame Street?! Sigh.. very sad what is going on these days.

  2. says

    that was repulsive. granted i don’t have sound on my computer but the imagery was enough to make me want to vomit. i’m sickened by the women and the parents. WTF!

  3. says

    WOW! Awful. The worst. I couldn’t even watch the whole thing. What is wrong with his belly button? Maybe they need the money for surgery?
    Also – totally crazy – and I know I have a million typos that the spell check doesn’t catch…but I think you meant over-reacting. and what spell check made it say was overeating. haha. It’s a funny typo at least.

  4. Betty Baez says

    Well this is just sickening not only the words he’s singing but the fact that these grown woman are dancing in his face highly inappropriate. Any parent shouldn’t allow their child at any age to be exposed to this. Even if I saw one of my sons of age doing this I would be repulsed.

  5. says

    Heck no I wouldn’t! That is sick! What kind of parents allow their children to do that?? Repulsive. Can’t wait to see what kind of kid he will be in 5-10 years….

  6. Brittney Reader says

    OMG HOW WRONG! I would NEVER let my son do this… and for the girls in this video… where in your mind is this ok!

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