Mason Moments

It’s been too long since I’ve done one of these. Ideally I’m suppose to do them every week. Ideally life and more often pure laziness gets in the way!

Mason is talking so much now, I know I’ve talked about this before but it really just blows my mind!

One of the cute things he does right now is he replaces “don’t” with “can’t”.

So lately we’ve been hearing a lot of this:

“I can’t want my medicine”

“I can’t want to leave the playground”

“I can’t like that”

And my favorite? When I’m disciplining him I’ll often say:

“Mason, I love you but you can’t have ice cream for breakfast”

and his response is usually “You CAN’T love me”

Because you know, if I did, he’d have ice cream for breakfast. My boy is a genius 😉

Speaking of my boy, I think he gets more and more handsome every single day and more and more and more grown. I took this one yesterday as we were leaving the house


He loves wearing his sunglasses!

The other day I made pudding Popsicles and he really enjoyed it, here’s some proof:

And here’s a picture from Father’s Day of Mason, his Dad and his paw paw. It makes me miss my brothers and Dad, I wish they could have gotten a picture with him on that day too!

Health Updates: Mason has had one heck of a month! On June 17th he went under sedation to get his teeth fixed. He had had some decay due to mainly poor enamel. He was a trooper and the only time he cried/got upset was he was waking up from the sedation.

On the 29th we had a huge wind storm. I had been at work for most of it and when I got home he was running a fever, we knew it was in relation to his staph infection and the boil on his butt but I was still worried especially since it had popped. Usually once they pop the fever goes away. I gave him some advil and figured he’d sleep it off. The next morning he was still warm and was just kinda laying around all morning so after talking to my Mom I decided to bring him to the ER.

8 1/2 long hours later we were finally able to leave. It took them forever to get him a room. Then they decided the boil needed to be lanced and drained because it was super hard an about a the size of a baseball in diameter. He had to be put under moderate sedation which meant he was up but wouldn’t remember.

Three days later it’s still pretty hard and painful and they’re talking about possibly needing a surgeon to drain it which means another sedation. Which has me freaked out. So if you can spare any prayers please pray that the antibiotics work and the boil drains on it’s own so that Mason doesn’t need to be sedated again!

So there’s my Mason Update.

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