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I will be on my way to BlogHer12. This time last year I couldn’t wait to go to BlogHer12! I was SO excited that it was in NYC. NYC is so close to my family so it’s absolutely perfect and way more affordable.

BlogHer '12

Fast forward to November and I wasn’t going at all! In fact that was my subtle way of announcing that I was pregnant on twitter. I think I said something like “So sad I won’t be going to BlogHer this year, I’ll be cuddling my baby”. I was going to have a newborn come July! No way would I be going to BlogHer with a newborn. Fast forward to February and my whole entire world was rocked. Very suddenly I was free, I was free to do lots of things, things I hadn’t planned on doing, things I hadn’t cared to do anymore because I was getting a baby.

It took me a little bit but I slowly started getting involved with my blogging friends again, they were all getting so excited for BlogHer, I couldn’t help but catch that excitement too and I knew that I would regret it if I didn’t go. So when I was offered a full sponsorship I couldn’t say no, especially when I considered who the sponsorship was from.

Save Babies Through Screening Foundation.

 I have always been an advocate for Mamas and Babies. For parents to educate themselves and to make the very best decisions possible for their families. In the weeks that I was pregnant with Elena I had already started thinking about all the infant screenings and vaccinations. I was iffy on some of the immediate vaccinations but there was no question in my mind that I would be doing the hearing test, the heel-stick test and most importantly to me the pulse ox test.

What I love most about SBTSF is that they’re a non-profit that’s run by parents, just like you and I.

If you’re going to be at BlogHer and you’re pregnant or trying to conceive I urge you to find me so that you can learn more about Save Babies Through Screening Foundation and newborn screenings. I am MORE than happy to talk to you about all the different screenings, the benefits and any questions or concerns you have.

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