Mason Moments

The other day Mason was sitting on my lap and B and I were talking to him.

Me: Mason, who’s your best friend? (We were trying to get him to say Cash, Our Dog)

Mason: ((says nothing, he’s concentrating on his toy))

Me: Mason, who’s your best friend?

Mason: You, Mommy.

Heart Melts.

It was completely unexpected and beyond adorable.


I have these moments where I completely break down. And I sob. Sometimes uncontrollably. The other day I had one of those moments. So I’m in the kitchen crying my eyes out.

And I hear Mason in the living room

“Mama’s crying”

I then hear him running into the kitchen. He runs up to me and says

“it’s okay mama don’t cry”

Then he told me “hug mama” and he gave me a huge hug and then he said “Kiss” and he gave me a huge kiss.

My boy is so sweet.


On B’s Birthday (4/28) Mason and I were downstairs and he decided that he wanted some fruit so I popped him in his chair and gave him some frozen berries. On his fourth round of “More Fruit Mama” he started to fall asleep

I was cracking up while taking it and if you listen closely I’m sure you can hear me!

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