Bravo Time

As soon as I saw the cover of this magazine I KNEW it was going to be an issue. And quite frankly I was pissed. I could care less that this woman is breastfeeding her older child who I assume to be four but I really don’t know or again CARE.

I was pissed because I knew the judgements would come out. I knew people would start in on how disgusting it is to breastfeed that long and how RUDE of breastfeeding mothers to throw it in Formula Feeders Faces.  I ignorantly thought that it would stay in the blogging world for me.

But nope. I log into FB and there it is. Someone (who’s pretty much family by the way) says something along the lines of while she supports breastfeeding mothers the cover of Time is ridiculous and what’s the world coming too? Baby wearing? Breastfeeding to 3 or 4? Can’t breastfeeding mothers stop judging Formula feeding mothers?

And that’s about the time my anger level went from 0-100. Me and this particular person have discussed our differing opinions multiple times. When she becomes a mother one day I know that are parenting styles are going to be VERY different. And that’s okay. Because I have no doubt in my mind that she is going to do the best that she can do for HER children and she’s going to LOVE them. And at the end of the day that is all that matters.

I was angry because there is a huge amount of hypocrisy going on.

“Don’t judge me for NOT breastfeeding” and in the same sentence “EWWW I can’t believe you breast fed for that long”.

“Don’t judge me for my parenting decisions” and in the same sentence “I can’t BELIEVE you made that parenting choice!!”.

The other comments got to me too. How this breastfeeding Mom or this nurse gave them dirty looks for not even trying to breast feed. Then of course someone makes the “and do you have to feed your kid where I eat?!” comment.

And it’s just frustrating. I’m tired of everyone generalizing breast feeding mothers. We’re either crazy for breastfeeding too long. Or we’re mean and judgmental. Give me a break.

 I don’t care what you do what your breasts. How about you don’t care what I do with mine?

I’m not ashamed that I breast fed Mason until he was over two. Only stopping after my milk came in with Elena and he decided that nursing around the clock like an infant was appropriate and at the time I couldn’t handle that emotionally for numerous reasons.

I’m not mad that you may have formula feed until 1.

Mommy Wars. The Formula Feeding v Breast feeding debate. It will never go away. I get that and not only am I okay with it but I glad it’s not going to go away. I think it’s something that needs to be discussed especially in our society. I just wish it could stay a discussion and not an all out brawl on why you’re* a better Mom than me.

Because you’re not a better Mom than me and I’m not a better Mom than you. We’re just Moms doing the best we can the best way we know how. Well most of us anyway 😉

Bravo Time. For taking a wonderful way of parenting and once again enforcing (at least by what the cover photo implied) that we are all crazy and extreme.

*You’re is used as a general term and not meant to be taken personally or towards anyone in particular.
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  1. Cea says

    I breast fed my kids when it wasn’t “cool”, EVERYBODY knew only “dirty” hippies breastfed…..
    I supported my daughter’s decision to breastfeed her kids…..
    The TIME cover offended me!

    Not because the woman was breastfeeding her pre-schooler BUT because TIME did it for the “shock” factor & because the woman allowed them to….

    Not all women can successfully breastfeed just as not all women can give birth vaginally successfully but however they become mothers I just wish motherhood wasn’t becoming a competitive sport of “Natural” Mothering VS Everybody else AGAIN!

    I was friends with a group of mommies when my kids were babies & somehow I was the “Perfect” example of Natural mothering all because I didn’t have drugs {needles terrify me}, I gave birth vaginally {I have Hip Dysplasia & my kids were small so it worked out well}, I was in hospital for less than 24 hours both times {have you SEEN what they charge to stay longer? & I wasn’t sick, I gave birth} & I breastfed both my kids {both my kids & I have allergies, it seemed logical}…..

    None of those facts made me a better, more “Natural” mother but according to the groups mindset it made me “better” than some of the others WHICH WAS & IS BS…..

    I was making choices that benefited MY children & MY situation, not making choices intended to bolster them as the “right” ones or the “best” ones, they were the ones I made and they worked FOR me…

    Which brings me back to : Lady on the TIME cover: I have a set of boobs of my own, I used them to nourish my children AND NEVER ONCE DID I FEEL IT IMPERATIVE TO SHOW THEM OFF TO THE NATION nor would I have allowed my child to be exploited to further an agenda of starting a Mother war……

    Shame on you!

    • Christa says

      Shame on the woman who’s on the Time cover??

      Shame on Time for using THAT picture instead of the countless other pictures they took. Shame on TIME for purposefully trying to start a breastfeeding/Formula feeding debate. Shame on TIME for trying to pit mothers against each.

      What’s even sadder is that it worked so easily.

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