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I think I’m constantly in a state of growing my hair out. I started dying my hair when I was in middle school after BEGGING my Mom. I continued to do so until fairly recently. The last time I got my hair done was in October while I was in NY. I got some blonde highlights. I’m still kind of mad at myself for getting highlights because they were almost completely grown out from the last time I had dyed my hair (about 6 months before I got pregnant with Mason).

Months later it is obviously starting to grow out. It doesn’t look so bad because the blonde highlights they put in where very natural looking but as my hair grows out I’m noticing something very scary. I have a couple of silver/grey hairs. I’m 25. *sob*. I think it’s the stress I’ve been under lately with losing Elena. I don’t think anyone in my family has started to get greys this early.

They are super hard to see but I feel like I can see them in a mirror from a mile away.

Recently I got the chance to try out Rita Hazan’s Root Concealer


I used it pretty much right away. My greys are really hard to see so the before and after are going to be pretty similar but I promise you that it coved the few strands that I had right up. Because I get highlights it didn’t really help with covering my roots up though.





As you can see they are both similar. This tells me two things

1) the light brown was the perfect match for my natural hair color and

2) Although I only have a few greys, I could see them before I put on the root concealer and afterwards I couldn’t so it works 🙂

You can find the Rita Hazan Root Concealer at your local Sephora store or online. We don’t have a Sephora here but we have one at home. I’m interested to try the concealer again with a light blonde to see if I can make highlights so that it matches better as far as roots/highlights go for me!

Tips for using the Rita Hazan Root Concealer

1) Go to Sephora and try a couple different couples especially if you’re not exactly sure which to go with that way you get the best color!

2) Spray 4-6 inches away from you head.

3) Don’t spray too much. When you spray to much it makes your hair will sticky and dry (think hairspray). The first time I used way too much and I hated the way it felt in my hair. The second time I toned down how much I used and it felt much better in my hair!

If you want to learn more about the root concealer feel free to check out

Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Rita Hazan and received a Rita Hazan product and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.
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  1. erica says

    ugh greys!!! i have TONS already =( ??? what why who when where did i get old and have a shit load of grey hair.. i haven’t dyed my hair in YEARS because i wanted to get it healthy and have my nautral color AND THEN of course its almost all grown out (which is hard bc i have long hair) and now i have TONS of grey!! wahhh old age

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