Mason’s Lane-a

Mason is sooo cute when he mentions Elena.

He calls her Lane-a I love that we have a nick name for her even though she wasn’t with us for very long. The week my water broke I took a couple of pictures with Mason and my belly. He wanted no part of it so I only took a few. Some of them aren’t that great but I wanted to share them anyway!

 ChristaPictures 009

 ChristaPictures 010

These pictures were suppose to be for my Facebook announcement. I was going to put a little bubble over Mason’s head saying “My competition comes in July”. It was going to be so flipping cute!

They’re pretty much the only pictures I have with Mason and my belly/Elena.

One week when I was pregnant Mason woke up lifted up my shirt and kissed my belly and said “baby” how I wish I had video of it. Too cute. Mason loved his little sister so much, I wish they would have been able to spend more time together…

Say No to Roots
Bacon Ranch Mac And Cheese with Broccoli


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