Dream Kitchen

As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer it makes me want to cook more, it seems like I have so much more time to do it, which I love.

What I don’t love?

That I don’t have an over the top kitchen. Don’t get me wrong I like my kitchen and I know that I’m lucky to have what I have in it, it’s on the large side for a town house, especially an old one and thanks to a homemade butcher block we have plenty of spots to cook but I still can’t help but dream about a ridiculously large over the top kitchen to cook in one day.

Pinterest is one of my favorite places to search for ideas for my future kitchen, here are some of my favorites:



I’m obsessed with this pantry. Obsessed. It’s HUGE!


How easy would Thanksgiving be with a stove like this!?


I love this idea, it makes cutting up veggies and anything else for that matter!


This kitchen is beyond stunning. I love all the windows but personally I would want something a little wider!


I love this island and the color. And look at that counter space and the openness into what I can only assume is the living room. One thing I don’t like about this kitchen? The see through cabinets.


This kitchen is beyond beautiful, the rustic feel, the wood color, the pop of teal, the butcher block counter tops. Love.


I love the high ceilings of this kitchen and the stove area. Notice it’s a double!


I love the windows in this kitchen and the gigantic island. I can see lots of family gatherings here, homework and crafts with the kids.

I really hope that one day I get to design my own kitchen with everything I want from floor to ceiling. I’m super excited to pick out the appliances I LOVE appliances! I can spend all day picking some out from www.appliancesonline.co.uk.

What are you favorite features in your kitchen? What about your dream kitchen?

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    ughhh looking at pictures like these make me hate my life lolol. Ok, not HATE it, but wish I lived somewhere else. Those kitchen are gorgeous. I like ones with big open windows and lots of light… tall ceilings are nice… and I’d die over a massive pantry.

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