Boiling the Perfect Easter Eggs

One of my favorite parts about Easter is dying the eggs with Mason and then making deviled Eggs the next morning! Deviled eggs are my favorite and I only have them two times a year for the most part. Thanksgiving and Easter.

But sometimes when you open those eggs on Easter morning they don’t look as nice as you want them too. Often times yolk has started to grey which means that it’s over cooked. So what’s the best way to boil eggs?

Place your eggs in the bottom of a sauce pan and fill with water to about an inch over the egg. To make things even easier on yourself use the drainer from your fryer, place all the eggs inside and then place them into the pan. This will make it easier to take your eggs out of the pot. Like so:

ChristaPictures 301

Side Note I added more water to this as you can see the water isn’t an inch above the eggs but I wanted you to see what I used to help me get the eggs out easier!

The next step is to bring your eggs to a rapid boil on medium to high heat. Once the water has begun to boil turn the heat off and let sit in the water for 7 minutes.

Take the eggs out of the pot and place them in ice cold water (this will stop the eggs from cooking). And out comes perfectly cooked eggs, check it out:


I ate this one but we dyed the rest! We used Paaz and Heniz White Vinegar to dye them:


It came with a couple more colors but I was trying to keep Mason contained. Didn’t want to give him too many options! We wanted the eggs to be really vibrant so we put in three tablespoons of vinegar per the instructions!

We like to leave our eggs in for a long time and they came out great. Growing up I’ve always used PAAS and Heinz when dying our Easter Eggs and I was happy to see we’re still getting the same results years and years later. Mason loved using the stickers on his eggs (and face, and wall and carpet).

ChristaPictures 321

I love using the white crayon that comes with the kit to do the kids initials!

ChristaPictures 333

Check out how bright our eggs came out:  

ChristaPictures 347

ChristaPictures 342 

I can’t wait to dye some more eggs with Mason on Saturday! He’s going to love doing it again, I think he would have dyed eggs for hours had I let him!


What do you use to dye your Easter Eggs?


Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Heinz and PAAS and received a Heinz Vinegar bottle, a PAAS Egg Dyeing Kit and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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