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Before I met B I REFUSED to drink tap water. At the house I was renting we had a water filter on the tap so I would always either bring filtered water to his house or I would buy bottled water. Then Easter Weekend after we had first started dating I went to visit my family and got a picture message from B. He had installed a water filter onto our tap. It was SO sweet. Unfortunately it didn’t last long, it developed a crack and despite the numerous attempts at duck taping it still shot water out of the crack when we turned the faucet on so we took it off. That was last summer, so it’s been a year and I’ve been drinking tap water. But it has to be crazy ice cold otherwise I can’t STAND the taste.

During the winter this posed a problem. I would drink ice water and be FREEZING. So I started looking at different systems for purifying tap water. Around the same time B told me about ZeroWater and we decided that ZeroWater was the system we wanted.

I was so excited when it came in the mail


The one we received was the 10 Cup Pitcher


It comes with the pitcher, filter and TDS tester.


TDS tester? I’m sure you’re wondering what that is, I know I was!

TDS is Total Dissolved Solids

You use the test to check how the filter is doing. I wanted to compare my tap water to my filtered ZeroWater so I filled up my pitcher so I could get some purified water.

It took a little less than 10 minutes for the water to travel through the filter which I thought was pretty quick! I did have a problem the next time I filled it up, the water seemed to not be going through the filter. I took out the filter and put it back on and the problem was fixed (I think the filter must have gotten off track one of the time I took it in and out of the fridge). It has happened since and can be completely avoided by using the tap that it has on the bottom of the pitcher underneath the handle. It also has a sprout for faster pouring!

So where was I? Ah yes TDS testing. Here is the reading from my tap water


044 in case you can’t see it!

And my reading from ZeroWater filtered water:


In case you can’t read it: 000. Once the tester reads anything above 000 for the filtered water that means your filter needs to be changed!

Our Tap Water TDS is fairly love at 44 (although it has measured a little higher before) so we’re going to get a lot of life out of our filter (appx 40 gallons). If your TDS reading is higher you won’t get as much out of the filters but getting rid of the TDS is completely worth it.

I notice a HUGE difference in my drinking water. Like I mentioned before I can only drink tap water ice cold. But with the zero water in can just be cold, I don’t have the weird after taste that I used to get! I love my Zero Water pitcher and am so excited that TWO of my readers are going to win this very same set!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of ZeroWater and received a water pitcher to facilitate my review, two pitchers to giveaway, and extra filters to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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  1. Amanda Alvarado says

    Our water comes from the Rio Grande River and is super hard. There is no drinking from the tap – it just tastes plain nasty! We fill up 5 gallon bottles from the water mills (reverse osmosis filtered) and drink that.

  2. Elena V says

    For drinking purposes, we run water through a Brita filter and then boil it and store it in covered glass jugs. For everything else, we use tap.

  3. Aly Mashrah says

    We don’t use anything to filter our water. We buy LOTS of bottled water, which is such a waste of plastic but that’s why I’d love to win this.

  4. Tandra Ahrens says

    Currently, we just have a sediment filter below the sink. We realllly need something additional – our water is not very good to drink at all!

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