The Big Ultrasound Milestone

I’ve known this day was coming for over 3 months, it was later than the usual ultrasound (I would have been almost 23 weeks) but I didn’t really care because I was going to be Team Green (actually I still was Team Green).

This wouldn’t have been the first time we were seeing our little. We got to see her when I was 8 weeks. She was just a little tiny bean but you could still see her eyes. Which was a little insane to me. 8 weeks and eyes already!? Our first ultrasound with Mason was at 6 weeks and he looked like nothing at all!

This was Elena at 8 weeks.


See her eyes? Back when I first started my July Moms Facebook Group we were all talking about some method about where the baby first implants can determine the sex. Feel free to remind me of the name of that method. I studied this ultrasound trying to figure out which side she was implanted on and if I was having a boy or a girl. Since I didn’t ask the ultrasound technician who first did it I could never get an accurate result but I compared it to Mason’s ultrasound at around this stage and determined that YES this was a girl.

The next time I got to see Elena was the when my water broke. I knew instantly that things weren’t good. Poor girl was all smushed in there but she was still obviously adorable. And when we caught a profile shot I knew she was going to have her Daddy’s and her little brother’s upper lip. When I had her that’s the first thing I noticed. B’s only dominant gene apparently is his upper lip!

Elena18 3

(excuse the picture quality, it’s a picture of a picture, I haven’t scanned the ultrasound pictures yet)

This picture sort of confirmed that we were having a girl for me at least. Even though it wasn’t a shot of her goods (they couldn’t get that shot, we asked) I knew I didn’t see a little wee wee sticking up and I thought that maybe if it was a boy I would have seen more going on between the legs. Turns out obviously that she was a girl but something tells me my theory wouldn’t work for everyone.

When I had her one of the first things B said to me was “What is it?”. So of course I went to open her legs and she scared the crap out of me because she immediately snapped them shut.

Apparently she wanted to be Team Green too, just like her mama.

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