No Where is Safe

Every where I go I see things that remind me of Elena and of who she would have been.

My Mom, Aunt and two of my sisters came into town and along with B and Mason we headed over to Walmart. I swear it was like EVERY single person there had a son and daughter about 2 years apart. Just what I needed to see. It makes me SO sad because Mason and Elena are going to miss out on that.

I logged onto my google documents because I had a gift card to use and right there to smack me in the face:



Just what I needed to see as I was getting ready to order No More Milk tea.

I log onto Pinterest to get some recipe ideas.

Baby pictures every where, maternity pictures, my Board for “Baby #2 Coming In July.

I log onto Facebook. Pregnancy announcements, pregnant bellies and new born babies are everywhere.

I wonder when it’ll be safe again to go online or out in public, to see these things and not have it make me burst into tears.

Lady Antebellum: Own the Night for 25 Cents! {Entire Album}
WW: Father and Son

Check it Out!

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