Mason Monday

My little boy has been so thrown off these passed couple of days. I’m sure it’s because I’ve been an emotional wreck. He of course has no idea what’s going and has been enjoying life as usual minus bedtime.

For the last three nights he has wanted me to sleep with him until he falls asleep. Oh and my milk came in so of course now he wants to nurse ALL.THE.TIME. Before he was only nursing once in the middle of the night and then in the morning and even then it wasn’t long.

Anyway two of the days last week we spent driving around running errands and visiting the park just to get out of the house and of course I brought my camera with me, at least that part of me hasn’t changed.

*I know this is blurry, it’s still cute*

Love his hair in this one!

Another blurry slide shot, one day I’ll get good at taking these kind of pictures!

He is so handsome! Notice the latest haircut…We got it for him that day so it was nice and fresh!

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The Days After.


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