Where Do You Get Your Prescriptions Filled?

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The other day I came home from work and B told me that Mason had a huge pimple/blister near the top of his butt. I had seen it there before but just assumed it was a pimple that would go away. But apparently it didn’t go away, it just got worse. B said Mase kept telling him “butt hurt” and he wouldn’t even sit down on it and B had to teach him how to lie on his side when he went to sleep. I felt so bad for my little man.

An hour after I came home he was up and crying. I went over to him and he just said to me “Mama butt hurt”. I rocked him back to sleep and instantly realized that he had a fever. I knew without a doubt I had to bring him to the doctor in the morning. After consulting with one of my Mom’s groups and doing some googling we concluded that it must be a staph infection. The next day we made an appointment and went in. Sure enough it was a Staph Infection.

The doctor wrote me a prescription and sent us on our way. Shortly after it occurred to me that we didn’t really have a certain place that we went for our prescriptions. When I was back in NY one of the places that we would often go is Walgreens. We have a large family and Walgreens has the Walgreens Prescription Savings Club. For $35 a year, a family membership covers everyone in your immediate family, including your pets! If it’s just you the Savings club is only $20. It gives you savings on brand name and generic medications, discounts and bonuses for buying Walgreens brand and using their photo finishing services.

Unfortunately were I am in VA there are no Walgreens but with I’ll be on the lookout for when they do finally open their doors here. They always have great photo deals too! If you have a Walgreens near you, you can stay up to date with all their deals by following Walgreens on Twitter or liking Walgreens on Facebook.

Mason man of course still got his prescription and within just a couple of days he was feeling better. Thank goodness because the last thing I wanted was my little man suffering on his birthday!

Where do you get your prescriptions filled? Why?

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