Valentine’s Day Baking


Mason’s Birthday Party post and such are coming up but to be honest I’ve been so exhausted lately that the last thing I want to do is get on my computer and blog. Shame on me, I know. Soon my posts will be picking up though, I have some exciting news on the horizon!

I can’t believe how quickly January has gone. I turned 25 and then the very next day Mason turned two and then before I knew it, it was February. Where does the time go? Last weekend I went shopping with B’s Mom and we stopped in at Target. I love looking around especially at their holiday stuff and of course they had a ton of Valentine’s Day stuff out! I’m obsessed with all their Valentine’s day baking supplies, I found them on Amazon too and I just had to share, it’s one of the easiest ways to get into the holiday spirit. And because most of it is hearts these baking pans and supplies more than any other holiday can be used through out the year. Here are some of my favorites. As always click the link to find the source/where you can buy!

Heart Donut Pan

Ah! I just love Valentine’s Day themed bake ware! I want it all but I’m pretty sure if I came home with all B would kill me! I especially love the donut pan and the mini heart pan (pictured last). I can picture doing super cute things for Valentine’s Day for Mason and the mini portion makes it even better for Mason (and my behind).

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