Rear Facing Safety & Radian RXT Review ((Giveaway Closed))

Shortly after Mason was born people starting talking to me about how much better it would be during long car rides when Mason was forward facing. That he would enjoy the car rides more and it would be easier on me. As we neared his first birthday I started doing research about when I could forward face him and what car seats were the best of the best. With how much we travel safety was of the utmost importance.

I quickly began finding articles about why extended rear facing as far as your car seat safely allows is the best way to go.

Two things stuck out in my mind. The first

“Broken Legs Cast It! Broken Neck Casket”

This line is in response to people saying that rear facing their child looks so uncomfortable and that if they get into a car accident their legs will probably break.

This video further explains that line and is the 2nd thing that stuck out to me when deciding to rear face Mason for as long as possible.

Believe it or not I have gotten a lot of flack for this. People telling me that’s it’s not that big of a deal or the “when I was little argument”ย  (which by the way is my favorite argument EVER). What’s the when I was little argument?

“when I was little I wasn’t rear-faced until I was four and I was just fine”

To those people I say. When you were little were you involved in a serious high speed accident? What was that? You weren’t? OH! Maybe THAT’S why you were okay!

Other people just ask me “when are you forward facing him?” My response to them is when he outgrows the weight limit for a rear facing car seat. Sometimes I follow up with “Why?” better known as “Why does it matter and why do you care?”.

For me especially since I do a lot of highway traveling safety is my top priority. With my previous toddler car seat although it was good it wasn’t living up to my standards. It loosened easily and was hot and sweaty during the summer. After doing research, reading reviews and thinking about my standards of rear facing I decided that I wanted a Diono.


High performance birth to booster car seat from 5 to 120 lbs. Convertible 5 – 80 lbs, then booster to 120 lbs.

1. It rear faces up to 45lbs and 45inches.

2. It’s smaller width wise than the average car seat so you can fit three in a row. This isย  unheard of with other car seats.

3. Not only does it rear face up to 45lbs but it can also accommodate an infant (starting at 5lbs). This makes it worth every penny!

And a entirely superficial one

I loved the color choices. They are so vibrant and fun!

When I teamed up with Diono on a review and got it in the mail I discovered even more reasons I loved it:

3.ย  The fabric doesn’t make Mason all sweaty.

4. The fabric is easily wipe-able which is really important considering the fact that Mason gets car sick a lot.

5. It’s heavy. It FELT sturdy and once it’s buckled into place (I don’t haveย  a latch system in my car) it doesn’t move.

6. It’s easy to travel with. You can wear it like a back pack through the airport if you need too.

7. Installation was beyond easy. Snap it open. Attach the rear facing attachment, thread the seat belt through the base and buckle it in. It can’t get much easier than that!

Luckily Mason loves his car seat just as much as I do! The little man has already put the fabric to the test by puking on it two days after we got it. The fabric was easy to clean the buckle wasn’t as easy to clean but I expected that as most are.

In honor of Mason’s 2nd Birthday and continuing to keep him rear faced Little BGCG is hosting a giveaway of a Diono car seat to one of my lucky readers thanks of course to the wonderful people at Diono.

*Please Read the Rules. Tweets MUST BE at LEAST one hour apart. If you don’t do this, It’s easily detected and BOTH entries will be disqualified.*

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  1. Melissa says

    While I really like the purple one, I think I’d have to be more practical with this choice and go with the storm color to match my car better! lol

  2. Christine says

    I have 3 kids in the back seat. My 5 year old just went into a low back booster as she is too tall. I would choose the storm!

  3. says

    I’m not sure I can pick! Probably Storm, but I LOVE the Plum….I need 3 new car seats to fit our soon to be born and our two daughters in our car!

  4. Beth @ Me as a Mommy says

    LOVE!!!!!!! I would like the plum or maybe spring. I adore purple, but I also think girly prints are super fun!!

  5. Kara says

    Although I love the spring, I’d probably go with storm just because it’s gender neutral and matches my car. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Whitney says

    I would love to have a blue one for my 13 month old who is still Rear Facing!!! I wish I could still have my 4year old who is bottom 5% of hieght rear facing but he weights to much….he is still five point though!!!!!

  7. Caity Jacox says

    I can’t decide if I’d choose the cobalt color or the storm color! Guess I’ll have to decide when I WIN! ;P

  8. says

    Thanks Christa for the insightful article. The rear facing vs front facing argument is really no argument at all. The safety of your child wins out period. I’m amazed at some of the reasons I hear for justifying turning a car seat forward before it’s really necessary. I also really like the Diono seats. Many car seat manufacturers claim a seat is the last one or only one you’ll ever need. With this Diono, it’s true. Nice article and thanks,


  9. Jeannie says

    Good for you. It really is safer to have them rear facing, and if I had a toddler would do it as long as I could. It can make quite a difference in an accident.

    “Other people just ask me โ€œwhen are you forward facing him?โ€ My response to them is when he outgrows the weight limit for a rear facing car seat”.


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