Mason’s 2nd Birthday Party

When I was pregnant with Mason I was terrified that he would be born on my birthday so much so that when my water broke at 6:30 am on my Birthday I refused any sort of intervention until the 30th. So my mother and others were very surprised (and to be honest so was I) that I decided to do Mason’s Birthday party on my actual Birthday.

We rented a room at a local community center and decorated it with our Firetruck decorations. I printed out coloring pages that related to fire trucks for the kids to color, blew up balloons for them to kick around and let them decorate cupcakes since it was such a huge hit last year!

Mason was absolutely adorable while we were getting ready. We would say to him Mason your birthday party is today and he would say. “Me? Party?” SO cute.

Here are some pictures from the day:

Just like last year the cupcake decorating was a hit! Mason’s firetruck shirt was too cute to mess up so I took it off for the cupcake decorating!

He liked the cupcake but he really liked the sprinkles!

After cupcake decorating we sang Happy Birthday to him! He loved it and he blew out the candle all on his own!

Don’t you just love his shirt? I got it from Caleb’s Closet Becki, the Mom behind Caleb’s Closet cut ever piece of fabric herself and I was absolutely thrilled with how it came out!

After singing Happy Birthday it was time to open the gifts. Mason was so excited to do this! His friend K who’s behind him was SO adorable. He said kept looking at the cards to make sure that they all said Mason, ya know just in case one said K and was for him. So funny and adorable. He cracks me and B up!

See that Fisher Price Drill that’s in the background? Mason is obsessed with it. We had to pretty much force him to open his other gifts. At one point I was trying to entice him with the next present so I started to open it. When he realized it was a book from just the one side being open he said “NO BOOK” shoved it out of the way and lunged for his drill. So if you want to make a two year old little boy happy get him the Fisher Price Drill.

After presents we made sure to snap some pictures of Mommy, Daddy and Mason.

Before we knew it the party was over and it was time to pack up and head home! I was EXHAUSTED from all the festivities so instead of making eggplant parm like I had planned on doing (it’s my favorite food and usually my birthday dinner) we ordered Chinese food and just hung out for the rest of the day! I also made sure that I took some pictures of Mason in his Birthday shirt from last year since it was the last day he would be one! What a difference a year makes! So as not to overload anyone with pictures. I’ll share some pictures of his actual birthday tomorrow!

Mason is Officially TWO!
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    I gave Brax that same drill for his first birthday! It is a great toy fot toddlers.. and I think it teaches them some great motor skills! Such a cute party… and it is crazy what difference a year makes.
    Happy birthday to you too!

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