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***This Giveaway is LIVE right now! However, Please take note that this post was written PRIOR to my water breaking and losing our daughter at 18W5D. I decided to share it because at the time of writing this I was completely clueless about what was about to happen and because of that I think it’s a great post about my pregnancy with Elena.***

Okay. I lied a little. It’s not entirely a review. Or at least it won’t be until July. Why? Because in case you missed it we’re

Even though we’re Team Green I still want to do every single test and Old Wives Tale that is out there. I’m curious to see which ones were right and which ones were wrong!

I was SO excited to get Intelligender in the mail and see what it had to say! A part of the directions says that it needs to be FMU (First Morning Urine) so I had to wait until the next morning. Then as I read further I realized I would have to wait two days due to another specific instruction!

So two days later I tested Intelligender!

It was really easy to use. It came with a syringe to get your FMU sample that you collect in a clean cup

I collected my urine sample and inserted it into the container and swirled it (DO NOT SHAKE). Then I came back 5 minutes later and this is what I found:

It was quite clear to me that according to IntelliGender it’s a:

When I got these results (13 1/2 Weeks) I was surprised. At this I was leaning towards girl and to be a little honest I was slightly disappointed. I know it’s not 100% but it would have reassuring to see GIRL!

Was it right?!!? It was wrong! We had our little girl out 18 Weeks+5 Days.

Looking to connect with Intelligender? They have a blog, a Facebook account (who doesn’t!?), twitter, a YouTube account, flickr and even Pinterest!

Are you pregnant or know someone who is? Do you know the sex already or are you anxiously awaiting the results? I’m going to be giving away one IntelliGender Test to one winner!

Can’t wait to win it?

IntelliGender  is &27.99 + Free S/H online! If you order 2 or more kits you will receive an additional 30% off. I wish I had another test to try now that I’m further along! I saw it in store for almost $40 so this is a great price!

Please make sure to read all rules and directions. Tweets must be at least one hour apart!

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  1. Samantha Garay says

    I used this with my son and it was right! I just found out a few weeks ago we’re expecting baby #2 and I’d love to try it with this one to see if it’s right again!

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