Rewind: Christmas Day

I knew Christmas this year would be fun. I knew that Mason would love opening gifts and seeing what he got and I was completely right! It was perfect that he opened gifts the day before because by the time we got to our Christmas Morning he really understood what was going! I can’t wait until he understands the magic of Santa. This year he could say Santa and recognized him but obviously at the ripe old age of not even two he didn’t get the magic behind it. I can’t wait until he does.

My parents always did the whole magic of Santa thing with me and B’s parents did it up big too, I can’t wait to carry on that tradition for Mason.

On to the pictures!

He got four Melissa and Doug Puzzles and they were and continue to be a huge hit. Another big hit were some Diego shoes that we picked up for him last minute. Check out his little face!

He immediately wanted me to put them on him and then he went to show them off to his dad, SO cute!

His second to last gift was the one I was excited for him to get!

As you can tell from the look on his face, he LOVED it! It’s one of his favorite toys. It’s a Kid Tough See Yourself Camera from Fisher Price.

After we were done opening all the gifts we went next door to make breakfast and open gifts with PawPaw (B’s Dad). We made quite the southern breakfast including shrimp and grits, it was DELICIOUS but WAY too much! I didn’t eat the whole plate in case you were wondering 😉

After breakfast we had to go outside so Mason could get his gift from PawPaw

He LOVES it! It’s a Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor.

We spent the rest of the day vegging out. Well B and I vegged out. Mason played with his camera, tractor and various other toys. He never stopped going.  Oh to have the energy that he has.

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  1. .:karen:. says

    That breakfast looks amazing! I’m drooling over here. When our DD 1 was almost 3, her big gift from Santa was a kids camera and she *loved* it. Still does but I’m thinking we could give her our old 3 MP camera now and she’d do even better with it. 🙂

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