Mason’s Birthday Party & Entertainment!

Soo I know I posted about Mason’s 2nd Birthday Party Inspiration not too long ago, well we decided to go with the Firetruck theme! I’m getting an entire Fire truck kit made by the same girl who made last year’s Elephant themed party! I’m so excited! To top it off a Mom I met recently is making Mason a 2nd Birthday Shirt with a vintage firetruck on it! The adorableness is going to be unbeatable! Here’s a sneak peak of the Fire Truck Theme!

What do you guys think!?

We rented a room in the local rec center. It’ll have tables and chairs and I think even a sink which will come in handy. We rented it for 2 hrs! So here’s the problem WHAT THE HECK am I going to do with 7 kids from 2-7? So far I have two ideas:

Cupcake Decorating (this seemed to be a huge hit last year)

Printing out Fire Truck related coloring pages and letting them color


what else!? Please tell me you guys have some ideas! I’m begging you!

Oh AND Food!

What should I serve? I know I’ll be making cupcakes and maybe a smash cake but what else?!!? Since it’s from 2-4 I feel like I absolutely have to have more than desserts!


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  1. says

    The cupcake decorating is SUPER cute. I LOVE that idea!
    Maybe you could get a huge cardboard box and paint it and cut it out to look like a firetruck and have photo opps. The cut outs of Muno and Foofa at Austin’s YGG party were the biggest hits. The kids were doing it even when we didn’t have a camera.
    Also, I blew up a bunch of balloons and threw them on the floor. Best entertainment of their LIVES. It was so unbelievable and a complete accident. I just did it for a little tiny bit extra decoration and that’s all they did, was threw and kicked and played with the balloons. Get a bunch of red and maybe white and black ones. Done! 🙂
    That stuff is SUPER cute btw!!!!

  2. says

    i just had Lovie’s party at a little kid’s gym and it was AWESOME. if you have the space, i’d bring as many balls as you can for the kids to play with. also BUBBLES were a HUGE hit. singing and dancing. hide and seek. oh and BALLOONS. just filled em up and let kids play with them. get a ton of them and fill them with a little hand pump and DONE! as for food… can’t ever really go wrong with PIZZA! have fun!

  3. Laura Love says

    What an adorable theme! It sounds to me like you have activities and food covered, since the party is from 2-4 and not during a typical mealtime. But it seems like every child’s party has pizza, that seems to never fail, and maybe some healthier options like cut up fruits and veggies. In terms of activities, I also think lots of balloons and balls to play with really go over well with the 2 yr old set.

  4. Jude Skocki Kelly says

    a pinata is always a big hit! I am sure you can get a firetruck. Have you thought of contacting your local fire company for maybe tours of a truck? Ours also has coloring books and crayons for fire safety. They may even have plastic fire hats. It is worth a phone call

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