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Little man is going to be two in just a couple of weeks, I know I’ve talked about it already but it’s still a little crazy to me. Sometimes I slip when people ask me how old he is an I say “two”. And then I quickly correct myself. He’s not two, not yet anyway!

I got a dSLR right before Christmas, I’ve saved up my Amazon gift codes that I’ve gotten from blogging for a little over a year. I’m so happy with my purchase. I think that once I start learning more about my camera it’s going to be very beneficial to my growing my blog and most importantly taking amazing pictures of my little man.

Speaking of my little man, he’s finally eating more and not nursing as much. We don’t nurse during the day just before bed time and then when he wakes up in the middle of the night and finally in the morning. During the day he gets sippy cups with cut juice or water. He still doesn’t really drink milk.

He’s eating more solids too although it tends to be lots of Peanut Butter and Crackers. And within the last couple of days peanut butter by the spoonful.

God forbid the boy doesn’t get what he wants, because then he does this:

See that? That’s PB all over his face. Kid is obsessed. How could you tell that face no? And then I wonder why he’s such a little brat 😉

As of right now I don’t have anything planned for Mason’s birthday, I guess I should get on it. We just don’t really know that many people so it seems a little pointless. But I know I want to do something even if it’s small! Nothing over the top like this party I ran across.  But now that I have my gorgeous camera it’s like I *have* to have a party complete with an adorable theme etc etc.  But I’m not sure if I can swing it this late in the game, although I think I can! We’ll see. So that leaves me with this question for y’all.

Carrot Lentil Soup
Love #Quotes


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    OMG he’s such a big boy!!! I can’t get over it. Where’d our babies go?! Him and Ryan sound so much alike, too – Ryan loves PB by the spoonful and is on basically the same nursing schedule. (At my childbirth class we watched a video and a mom was nursing her kid – who looked to be around 1 year old – and a dad in the class said “how old is that kid?!” – HA! Not as old as MY KID! lolol)

    Anyway, you know Ryan just turned 2 and we had an Elmo themed party… he has no friends yet so it was just family and 3 of my close friends came. No games or anything since there were no other kids! We just ate some snacks and chatted, opened presents, then had cupcakes. And I was so busy with party stuff that I barely took any pictures :((((( so don’t let that happen to you!

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