5 Ways to Save Every Time

I don’t know when it happened but I rarely IF EVER buy anything full price anymore. I always make sure that I have some sort of deal going on even if it’s just free shipping. As long as I’m saving SOMETHING I feel so much better about my purchases!

Here are some things I live by that can help you save money too and not just at the grocery store!

Shop Your Local Consignment Stores and Thrift Stores–I know what some of you may be saying. EW, USED?! Not for me or my family but GUESS WHAT?! I have found A TON of brand spanking new items for both myself and my family especially at consignment stores.

Consign–Don’t just shop at consignment stores consign your clothes! At the beginning of every season (or even better a little before) go through your clothes, figure out what you need and what you don’t need and then consign what you don’t need. It’s a great way to earn some money, at most places you get half of what your item sold for. You can usually cash it in for store credit or cash in hand. Consigning not your thing? Do a blog sale or try Craigslist or Ebay.

Search for coupons online whether you’re shopping online or going to the store–I like shopping online to a certain extent but very rarely buy clothes online. Why? Because I’m short and large chested this means that every single thing I buy has the potential to drastically fit me differently so it’s always a must for me to try things on. Sometimes I’ll notice that there is a sale online but when I go to the store it’s not on sale. So I try on the clothes figure out what I want and then order online. Another option is to look for coupons online. Today I went to Target, I knew I had to buy in store because our event is Saturday so there was no time for shipping so I searched online for target coupon codes and sure enough there were plenty!  I picked and choose what I needed and was on my way.

Shop out of Season–This often means buying what you need for next year this year but it’s a great way to save money! Shop the clearance racks you’d be surprised at what you can find and combined with a coupon you can often pay next for nothing even on clothes. Target is one store I know that has coupon codes. Shopping out of season for kids often involves guessing what size your child will be the following year, I KNOW that can be hard, it’s something I struggle with BUT worst comes to worst you can gift the items, consign them or sell it online to make your money back!

Sign up for your Favorite Stores Newsletters or Follow them on their social media–I set up a separate email account for this so my email doesn’t get clogged with too many store promotions. When I need a coupon for a specific store I sign into the email account and see what’s going on. I often find out about sales and coupons this way that may not be available to people who don’t subscribe.

and one bonus option:

Mobile Coupons–My very favorite stores get the special privilege of having access to my phone number. Each week I get exclusive coupons! I love it!

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  1. Jenn [ Crippled Girl ] says

    I love our local thrift stores – we always check there first! It can be hit-or-miss, depending on what you’re looking for, but it’s always worth checking because of the savings!

  2. Jenny Georgio-who says

    I’m so far from thrifty it’s sad. Seriously. The one thing I do is google
    “store name coupon code” before buying anything online. I’m a huge online shopper when it comes to THINGS… Also, Ebay. You’d be surprised how much crap costs here vs the US and therefore ebay.

    Example: My brother in law wanted a shaver/razor for his head/face for Christmas. In stores here it was 129.99. I found it for 54.99US with FREE shipping on Ebay. Brand new, never been used, still in the box.

    With that extra money that was saved I bought D some more things. Consignment is great. I should look into that!

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