2nd Birthday Inspiration

Remember how I keep talking about how I can’t believe Mason is turning two? Well I still can’t believe it. I can’t believe it to the point where I haven’t done ANYTHING in regards to planning for something. We don’t have very many friends with kids so it’s not like I’ll be sending out invitations probably just a quick hey yo, our house this day. Food covered. Please bring your kids.

But I do want to have decorations and things. So I need to get moving on that. I’m stuck between doing an initial/age theme and a cars/trucks theme. Either one I decide to go with I have to hurry. I have two weeks. Which means if I need to order something I need to hurry. You know what else happens in two weeks? I turn 25. what. the. heck.

Okay so back to the point of this post, here’s some inspiration for Mason’s big day.

I want to start his day off with balloons in his room. The problem with this is he comes in with me in the middle of the night so I’m not sure how I’ll pull this one off!

For breakfast I want to make him Birthday Pancakes, I’ll switch it up a little by doing them in his initials and a number 2!

As far as decorations go:

I want to get MJG but J is out of stock 🙁

Except with a 2 obviously or maybe even his initials?



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    Oh all of those ideas are just too adorable! I think he’ll have a fabulous birthday! Maybe if you can’t pull off the balloons in his bedroom you could have them in a central room instead, like a living room, kitchen or something like that.

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