One Lucky Delivery Guy #PeetsCoffee

As if my title didn’t give it away I decided who I was giving my #PeetsCoffe Holiday Blend gift set too!

My Fed-Ex guy


This isn’t him though, I was thisclose to snapping a picture but then I thought hmm what if he thinks that’s weird (and he would). On a side note my Fed-Ex guy is super hot and has some sort of down under accent. Once I saw him at the restaurant I was working at on a date, I was jealous. I SHOULD have taken a picture.

I digress.

I put together a little Peet’s Coffee Holiday Blend Gift Basket for him, I would have given some to my UPS guys but they’re afraid of my dog so they always drop and run. NO COFFEE FOR YOU!

My gift box included Peet’s Holiday Blend Coffee, a coffee mug, hand warmers (I figure that will be helpful since he’s constantly in and out of the truck, and candy! Chocolate and Coffee who wouldn’t want that!?

He was really grateful I gave him something, I don’t think it happens very often! I plan on hunting down my UPS guys and giving them something too! It was so nice to give a gift to someone who wasn’t expecting one from me, I highly encourage it!

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  1. says

    Aww, how awesome, what a great idea! Ya know, when Ryan hears our doorbell ring, he yells “BOX!” Is it sad that he doesn’t expect a person to visit, he expects a package to be delivered? lolol. FedEx/UPS/USPS is at my front door so often, you’re right, we should get them something! Love your coffee kit idea.

  2. Katie says

    How sweeeeeeet!!! And omg I LOLed for real over your hot FedEx guy!!! My UPS guy is hotttttt but married to my friend’s friend, so I can’t flirt lol

  3. says

    Wow! Can I be your delivery person? What a great little on the go kit. When we get a box or anything that they have to ring our buzzer for, Landon asks if it’s for him. Ha! My kid may be a little greedy.

  4. Beth @ Me as a Mommy says

    Such a great idea!! I love it! We always give our mailman and trash guys some money during the holiday, but this seems so much more personal!! I love the idea and fully intend to steal it… hope you don’t mind!

  5. says

    That was really sweet of you to give that to your FedEx guy! I bet he doesn’t get a lot of gifts from his customers so I bet that was a really nice surprise. The hot hands was an especially thoughtful touch!

  6. Tamara says

    That was so nice of you! I would like to give my delivery guys and mail man something but they always shove the packages in my hands and run away. The hand warmers and yummy hot coffee sound perfect!

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