Gift Ideas: For the Photographer (or Wannabe)

In just a matter of time I’m going to be ordering a dSLR. I’m just waiting for a couple more things to fall into place and then there you go BOOM dSLR in my hands after a million and two years of wanting one SO badly! I know I’m going to have so much to learn once I get one. A dSLR doesn’t mean instant gorgeous pictures, will it can to a certain extent depending on what you’re shooting with now but not entirely.

There is a lot of learning that you’re going to have to do and even if you just have a point and shoot there is STILL a lot you need to learn! Here are the top five books on my wish list when it comes to learning my camera. I chose these books because I plan on taking pictures of the kids more than anything! I already own Mamarazzi but the rest I still need to acquire and speaking from someone who knows what a Photographer or WANNABE photographer wants especially a Momtographer these would make great gifts for ANY Mom or Photographer in your life!

Word to the wise, they also make great unique baby showers gifts!

1. Mamarazzi-Every Mom’s Guide to Photographing Kids

2.  Your Baby In Pictures: The New Parents Guide to Photographing Your Baby’s First Year

3. The Art of Children’s Portrait Photography

4. How to Photography Your Baby: Revised Edition

5. Photographing Children Photo Workshop: Develop Your Digital Photography Talent

6. Children’s Portrait Photography Handbook:  Techniques for Digital Photographers

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    I’ve heard awesome things about that Mamarazzi book! It looks great. I really want to read it and learn my DSLR one of these days before Austin is away at college lol

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    I have the Mamarazzi & Your baby in pictures and both books are awesome. My favorite is Mamarazzi the details in this book are great. But I also love your baby in pictures as she breaks it down month by month.
    Teaching you how to capture the out of the box moments as your child grows 🙂

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