Gift Ideas: B. Toys

Ever since I first saw B. Toys I fell in love with them. Something about them just brings out the imagination in me so I can only imagine what it does for little kids who’s imaginations are always running wild! This past summer we got our first B. Toys gift:

It’s the AlphaBerry. We love it AND Mason loves it, you can order it off Amazon or get it at Target. It helps to teach the alphabet! One of my favorite things about this particular toy is the adorable little B. Quotes. They’re cute little quotes from kids that made me LOL! All of their toys come with them FYI.

B and I have quite a few more toys that we have on our wish list for M! One of them is the Parum Pum Pum Drum.

It has a ton of fun music toys that I know Mason would enjoy even if it made it a little noisy in the house, we’re used to that! The Zany Zoo has always caught my eye too!

The Elephant on the design is what first caught my eye! As I’m sure you know, we LOVE elephants! But ultimately this year we decided these two items needed to be under the Christmas Tree for our little man this year!

Stackadoos. It seems like they would be perfect for Mason! He’s huge on stacking but isn’t all that awesome at keeping them together, Stackadoos would obviously change that because of the way that they connect! Mason’s also getting the Okideoke Microphone:

I know Mason will love it! Not only is it a microphone but it’s also a little toddler karaoke machine, he can sing along to 8 songs and record himself! I sense some super cute videos on the horizon!

B. Toys has a ton of other toys in there line up that a certainly worth checking out! I can’t wait to fill his toy collection with more B. Toys.

Disclosure: B. Toys sent me two toys in order to help facilitate this post. All opinions are 100% my own.
Decorations are up and I'm READY! #KMartHoliday
Remember #Quotes

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