Christmas Eve

Christmas had sort of lost it’s allure for me, it was still super fun to get gifts and stuff but it was all stressful and because I knew the truth the magic was gone for me! Having Mason has changed that, this year has changed it even more because this year even though Mason didn’t understand the magic of Santa he totally understood the magic of getting gifts handed to him to unwrap and let me tell you, he loved it!

On Christmas Eve we went to B’s grandparents house were Mason was OF COURSE spoiled! Every time he got something he liked he wanted to open it right then and there!

He especially loved the remote control fire truck that Grammy (B’s Mom) got him, a truck that Uncle G got him, the Ride on toy that Uncle S and Aunt J gave him and he also loved the Plasma car that B’s grandparents got him. Since he already had it under the tree at home we left it there but he was trying to get to it all night! Great minds think alike!

See that toy in the background? He wanted to play with it so badly that he tried to ride it while it was still in the box

Needless to say, he succeeded and was quite pleased with himself!

After getting together with B’s family we drove home and I let Mason open a gift from my Oma and Pa, his Christmas PJs. He was so excited, he oohed and ahhed at them and said SANTA! I got the entire process so that it would be like they were there watching it themselves!

I love them just as much as Mason does! I of course had to take some shots with him in them so here are those too:

Swoon. He is so stinking cute, ya know if I do say so myself!

Afterwards we put Mason to sleep and I started the whole wrapping business. When I was 90% done B and I decided that we were going to save some things for his Birthday. This boy is super spoiled but that’s too be expected I think lol.

Here’s a look at our tree with all the presents wrapped, everything is Mason’s except for the blue snowflakes wrapping paper!

How was your Christmas Eve? What did you do?

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