Candy Cane Thief

I LOVE Candy Canes on trees. My Mother always had them on her tree and they look so festive and fun! When I was decorating the tree Friday I found some in the box that B had packed up. Honestly I was surprised to find any in there at all because B is a candy freak and I would have thought he ate all of them!

So of course I put Candy Canes on my tree, however they have not been left unnoticed by Mason. In general Mason refuses to leave my tree alone. He takes off all the ornaments especially the Cars one I got from KMart. I pretty much redecorate my tree daily. And today I had to take down my Candy Canes because Mason would go through hell and high water to get every single candy cane off the tree. I was doing some work on my computer when I heard the tree rustle, I knew what he was up too so I grabbed me camera!

I walk in and I see him laying on the couch. I’m like ZOMG so cute he’s sleeping. YEA RIGHT. This mama is not stupid I knew he was hiding something!

Then he peeks his head up “Is she still there?”

I sure am, and I see what you’ve got and I’m taking it from you (this is his 4th attempt at devouring an entire candy cane). He proceeded to do this:

and he even tried picking it out of the garbage! I took every single Candy Cane off the tree and stuffed it away. Now that all the easily reached ones were out of the way thanks to the Candy Cane thief, I was really scared that he would hurt himself (and my tree) while trying to get to one that wasn’t as reachable!

Mean old Candy Cane Thief ruining my tree, good thing he’s cute.

Mason Monday
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    hahaha, love it. I hang candy canes on our tree too and I talked about this same thing on my recent post about our holiday decor lol. I posted a pic of our tree with one clump of candy canes all hung at the very top of the tree–because Ryan is a little thief too!!

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