Win Some Holiday Cash With Visa!

I’m all about saving as much money as possible when it comes to every day life but especially when it comes to Holiday shopping, sometimes I feel like the prices get jacked up so that we have no choice but to spend huge $$ amounts! Over the last year anything that I have won online or earned through various programs (i.e. Gift cards to stores) I’ve been collecting and saving so that I can get the Holiday items that I need!

I’ve also been on the look out for Cash Giveaways, I’ve entered a bunch on various blogs but I’ve also been looking at ones on Facebook, sometimes it’s so hard to know which ones are legitimate though! Just recently I was made aware of a Facebook giveaway going on with Visa Prepaid!

It’s really simple to enter the Visa Prepaid Everday Tips for Everyone Contest!

1. First “Like” the Visa Prepaid Fan Page

2. Enter a tip in one of the four different categories: Family, Shopping, Travel or Work.

Here’s what you can win!

$50 Visa Gift Card Prize will be awarded to the person who at the end of the week has the most votes on their tip in each category so that’s 4 $50 Visa Gift Card winners every week.

They also have a monthly $500 Visa Gift Card Prize that all weekly winners are eligible to win, the monthly winners are chosen by a panel of judges!

If you’re a weekly winner you get even luckier! Every quarter you will have the chance to win the grand prize which is a 1,000 Visa gift card. Grand Prize winners will also be chosen by a panel of judges!

I don’t know about you but there are a bunch of tips I can think of to add, here’s hoping we both win some holiday cash, and some more after that!!!

Disclosure: I was compensated monetarily to share the giveaway being hosted by Visa Prepaid.
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