What if Doctors Didn’t Have to Go to School?

I almost DIED when I saw this, my friend HauteSingleMama  saw this IN REAL LIFE on her timeline!

Let’s see, if doctors didn’t go to school people would die. If cosmetologist didn’t go to school people would….

Anyone? What would the world come to if cosmetologists didn’t have to go to school?!??

Edited to add: Before this turns into a debate about whether or not cosmetologists should have to be licensed or not, I don’t enough about it to say either way. And even if I did that is far from the point of this particular #FacebookFail. Someone compared being a cosmetologist to being a DOCTOR. That *is* the point, that *is* funny!

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  1. Stacie says

    If cosmetologists didn’t go to school, the world would end! I mean, can you even imagine, all those people having to do THEIR OWN hair and nails? Heaven forbid! lol

  2. says

    I’m not a cosmetologist BUT if there was no licensing, they could very well be spreading disease. Even the school/licensing is no guarantee but still. They are dealing with hair, nails, cuticles, feet, skin, waxing, chemicals etc. etc. and they need to know how to do their job without injuring people or spreading disease, kwim?

    Even with licensing and such, I’m too much of a germaphobe & scardeycat to go get a pedicure & get my Italian ‘stache waxed, LOL.

    • Christa says

      I’m not debating whether or not cosmetologists should have to go to school or not.

      I’m laughing at the fact that ANYONE would think that cosmetologists and DOCTORS were comparable when it comes to schooling required and why schooling is needed. That’s all!

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